For a God fearing person…DANGER OF LOVE OF SELF

For a God fearing person…
As salamu alaikum,
For God fearing person…Verses og holy quran, hadith e masumeen(a.s)..orders(fatwa) of their marja and replies of Aaalim, scholars are the final words….God fearing person never search excuses after getting them but those who have disease ” love of the self” refuse directly or indirectly by giving foolish excuses….that is called ignorant and when such people speak they create dispute among muslims….

The Holy Quran says..
“O you who believe! Be careful of (your duty to) God and be with the true ones” (Al-Taubah: 119).

A main reason for the impurities within man is love of the self; i.e. to love oneself. Because of this love of the self, man supports and defends his self, regardless of whether he is right or wrong. Due to love of the self, man becomes distanced from what is right. Love of the self causes man to become blind and deaf. He does not see the truth, nor is he ready to hear what the truth is. The man who possesses love of the self searches for faults in other people; yet, he cannot see his own shortcomings (defects). Thus, on one hand he is overcome with pride, while on the other hand he becomes very quickly suspicious (doubtful) of the believers and Muslims. Due to love of the self, even if he has said something wrong, he debates and argues with the people in order to uphold his self. The one who possesses love of the self[1] desires hence his speech be accepted as correct. Hence, he debates in the wrong way with wrong people, creating hatred in the hearts. Furthermore, due to this love of the self, man is loyal to those people who are concerned with his own self, whether that connection is because of relation he supports them. If this support and loyalty is because of the self, then it is wrong. An example is supporting and favouring (taking side) your daughter or supporting people who speak a particular language even though they may be wrong or oppressors. This kind of supports makes man an oppressor himself.

Love of the self is an extremely wicked and blameworthy (to blame) trait (characteristics). Even if this support and loyalty is for the truth, it is wrong because the intention will not be to support the truth; rather, the purpose will be to support and be loyal to what concerns the self. The tradition (Sunnah) of the Prophets and Saints (awliya) is to support whoever is in the right, even if the right may not be in favour of our relatives. Regardless of whether the relation is due to language, faith, or religion, we have to see what the truth is, not what the relation is to ourselves. If the truth is with those who have no relation to us, even then we should be likewise supportive. The lover of the self( The Holy Prophet (S) said:”Your’s greatest enemy is your self, which is located between your two sides.” -Bihar al-Anwar ) cannot create the light of justice within himself; on the contrary, the filthiness of oppression will forever remain; even though God curses the oppressors. Thus, until this evil characteristic is eliminated, man cannot leave the punishment of the curse and enter the light of God’s mercy.

[1] Imam Ali (A) said: “Trusting the self provides the most dependable opportunities for devil’s entrance” – Gharar al-Hukm


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