How to achieve the mercy of God

How to achieve the mercy of God              

God is willing to forgive us for all our sins and wrong doings. However, the only condition set to gain the forgiveness and pardon of God is that our hearts should be free of all malice (ill will, hatred) and indignation (unworthy) of other people and our hearts should be clean and pure. Thus, if we wish that God should forgive us then we should take the initiative or start, and forgive all our enemies.


Even if a person has abused and insulted us, we should forgive him, and if a person has wronged us in any personal or economic matters, we should forgive him too, if anyone has propagated false allegations against us we should pardon him too. Thus, any malice or hatred generated in our hearts due to the materialistic gains or losses ought to be eradicated (uprooted) from our hearts and a man should forgive all those people who have hurt him in the matters of the world. Then it is the promise of God that,

“O My man forgive my people who have hurt you so that I may forgive you your sins”

On the Day of Judgment, every malefactor and evildoer will call out Yaa Ghaffar, O’ God Forgive me! In addition, God will reply “I am ready to forgive you but man just recall how many people did you forgive in the world when you had the authority?” Thus first we should forgive all those who have wronged us and then call out “YAA GHAFFAR” and seek the forgiveness of God then this practice would be more beneficial and worth the pains.


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