How can man control the self?

How can man control the self?   

Since man’s heart has been given the level of the Throne (Arsh), when man commits a sins, its filthiness falls upon his heart, the Divine Throne.  As a result of this filthiness and un-clean-li-ness, instead of becoming God’s home, it becomes Satan’s home.

Knowledge is a weapon or a means by which man can control the desires of the self.  According to Plato, if man becomes a scholar and becomes aware of Satanic attributes and Divine attributes, i.e. he becomes aware of the harm in Satanic attributes and the benefit in Divine attributes, then man will stop himself from committing sin.  The Apostle of God was passing by a place where the people had gathered for the Qur’an.  He passed by.  Then there happened to be a gathering for supplication (du’a).  He passed by.  In front of that meeting there was a congregation for the remembrance of God (dhikr).  He passed by them as well.  In front of that was an assembly for knowledge.  There the Apostle of God sat down and declared thrice, “I was sent to spread knowledge.”  It is a saying of the Prophet that where knowledge is being given, and there are people to receive that Islamic knowledge, angels spread their wings for them.  Furthermore, when the angels go back they boast that those who were seekers of knowledge sat on our wings.

It is found in tradition, “Whoever does not acquire knowledge of religion is a Bedouin (Aa’rabi) and on the Day of Judgement, God will not glance at him.”  According to Ayatollah Mazahari, saying Aa’rabi is worse than saying un-believer (kafir).  Furthermore, the second part that God will not even glance is more terrible than the first part, because the Apostle of God says, “O God do not leave me to myself even for the flash of an eye (without You being with me).”

It is in tradition that the Perfect Man (Insan-e-Kamil) has three characteristics:

1.  Possesses knowledge of religion.

2.  Patience in the face of calamities.

3.  Moderate (mayani rawi?) not selfish or miserly.

The greatness of everything is accomplished (achieved) through knowledge.


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