A study and analysis of the mental and physical condition of a dying person can relate very interesting facts in this respect.

A dying person is the most helpless person who beholds death standing before him. His children and all his wealth appear useless and unworthy to him. This dying man has no one to help him and no one in whome he could put his faith in the entire universe except God. Thus, God alone becomes the focus of his attention, as the time of death is a moment when he is about to desert (leave) the world.  All the luxuries and comforts of the world appear useless to him and in such a state he has all his hopes diverted towards God and his greed of the world has almost diminished (belittled).

As long as a man lives, he is been caught in the web of worldly greed and avarice (miserliness). Like there is the greed of money, wealth, status, rule, children, lust, pomp, show, success, etc, but as soon as a man beholds the angle of death, all his worldly voraciousness (greedy) and avarice (greed) are nullified (invalid).  At this moment his only desire and self-interest is that God might forgive all his sins. Thus a radical change in the thought process of a dying man is seen, as he is about to die.

Thus if a man wishes to achieve the status of being able to see the life of the grave (Alim-e-Barzakh) a man will have to get rid of all the greed and avarice of the mortal world and divert all his desires towards God and the Ahlul-Bait.

Likewise, a dying man becomes indiffer- ent and heedless (careless) to the worldly luxuries and gains in a similar manner this man will have to purge (cleanse) his heart of all the worldly desires and greed and purify all his thoughts for God and the beloved people of God. This is because their goal is the same and just like a dying man is about to see the life of the grave (Alim-e-Barzakh), so this living man wishes to see the same spiritual world. However, lust and greed creates a veil between the two worlds and thus a man cannot see beyond the mortal world.

Therefore just like attentiveness and presence of heart and mind is an important condition, but at the same time expelling all the greed and lust of the world is also an important requirement and condition for a man to be able to see the spiritual world.


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