From Patience to Tranquility

From Patience to Tranquility

          Patience is the key to the gates of happiness and recognition.  Patience is the key (which will) open the doors of recognition.  Furthermore, patience is salvation from every type of ruin and destruction.  The greatest benefit is that man’s will and determination are strengthened by means of patience.  By means of patience, the capital of the soul is strengthened and all the parts become obedient to the soul.  On the contrary, the heart of the man who is not patient always remains agitated (disturbed).  This is an affliction in itself, and such a person does not have peace of mind.  If, upon facing calamity, an impatient person complains to other human beings, then slowly this complaint becomes the seed of malice.  For instance, if this same person also starts complaining about God, the Most High, the result will be that he will become spiteful (grudge) of God.  The consequence of that malice will be that he will become an enemy of God and, in that condition (i.e. as an enemy of God) he will die, and the greatest danger is to die without faith.

          Great Scholar Imam Sadiq (as) asked one of his companions, Sama’, “Why didn’t you go to the pilgrimage (hajj)?”  His companion replied, “Master, many calamities have befallen me.  I am under a great debt.”  The Imam said, “Even if you are not patient, the calamities will still remain in your destiny (fate).  It is your decision to practice patience and be happy or to express impatience and lament.  However, if you try to be patient and become patient, then you will receive great reward and people will envy your personality.”  Thus, there is no benefit in impatience; rather, it is a dreadful loss


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