Abstinence (zuhd) means turning your back upon the world and facing the Hereafter, distancing the heart from the world and coming closer to God.  An even more lofty level than this is that except for God, not giving his heart to anyone; love and devotion is only for God.  Such a man does not even attach his heart to Heaven.  An abstinent (self-restrained) person leaves the world’s pleasures for the everlasting, pure pleasures of Heaven.  Another person leaves the world’s pleasures only for the love of God.  An abstinent person is one in whose heart wisdom and recognition have entered; he understands the reality of the world, that the world is base and contemptible (worthless). 

It is a tradition of the Apostle of God, “Man desires that God should give him knowledge without learning and give him guidance without a guide, so that he becomes detached from the world.”  The Apostle of God states that according to however much abstinent a person will be, or how much love of the world will leave his heart, God will grant his heart that much wisdom.

It is a tradition of the Apostle of God, “When God intends to give goodness to some servant, then he grants him detachment (separation) from the world (zuhd), makes him love the Hereafter, and shows him the defects in his self.”

Great Scholar Imam Ja’far Sadiq (as) states,“If good- ness is blocked off in a house, then its key is detachment from the world (zuhd).”

The Apostle of God says, “Know that the taste of faith is forbidden for everyone until they become detached from the world.” 

Instead of stopping at a level, the seeker of knowledge has to constantly quest for loftier (high) stations. 


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