Poor Imprisoned Man

Poor Imprisoned Man

          O neglectful (careless) heart!  Become aware of your enemy who has imprisoned you for several years, and who invites you toward every sin and disgraceful deed.  God compels you to stand up against him and become free by breaking those chains of humiliation.  When you become God’s servant, then you will be free and will attain freedom.  Sayyid Ta’oos (a Gnostics of God) (arif billah) states, “I feel very happy upon performing each and every obligatory act; so, I celebrate Eid that God considered me worthy to take work from me.”

          Thus, instead of practicing patience upon obligatory actions, one should be happy.  If the world’s ordinary king took work from you, then you would be extremely happy that he looked favourably upon you.  However, when the Master of the Universe orders you to pray, then you feel pain in praying at its time of priority and shirk from it.  All of our misfortunes are due to our ignorance and foolishness because our faith is deficient.  Patience means that man should not complain to (another) creature, but should complain to the Creator.  Complaining to the Creator does not contradict (deny) patience.  The Holy Qur’an states about Great Scholar Suleiman,

“Surely We found him patient” (Suad:44).

          Man should train himself by devotion to Islamic law.  If man, for sometime, practices patience upon severe calamities (disasters), rigorous (difficulty) acts of worship, and the deprivations of pleasures of the self, then slowly his self will become accustomed (as usual) to bearing those difficulties.  He will then not feel pain in bearing hardships, the self will become illuminated (brightened), and man will reach an elevated station.

          The Apostle of God states, “Patience is to faith as the head is to the body.”  If man is patient when encountering sin, then its fruit is piety.  If man is patient upon obedience, then he will receive its fruit in the form of love of God.  If man is patient when faced with misfortunes, then the fruit he will receive is that he will be content with the Divine Decree (order).


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