The Fruit of the Intellect is Reflection (fikr)

The Fruit of the Intellect is Reflection (fikr)

          The fruit of the intellect is reflection and its food is knowledge.  Its occupation is achieving the superior station of the pleasure of God.  Man will achieve the elevated station of pleasure of God according to how intelligent he is.  In many places the Holy Qur’an has described the importance of the intellect and the intelligent person.  Nevertheless, if there was not any other verse about the significance of the intellect, this verse is enough to describe the importance of knowledge, 

“Thus do We make the communications distinct for a people who understand” (Ar-Rum:28). 

          The one who understands the real meaning of the Holy Qur’an truly possesses intelligence.  In Usool-e-Kafi, thirty traditions have been narrated about the excellence of intelligence.  God swears by His Honour and Grace, “I have not created anything better than the intellect.”

          Great Scholar Musa bin Ja’far (A) states, “God has established two proofs for man; one is the outward proof, which is the Prophets, and the other is the hidden proof, which is the intellect.”

          Great Scholar Ja’far Sadiq (A) states that woe to the nation who does not try not to perfect the intellect.  Knowledge is a means to perfect the intellect.  The intellect receives happiness and enjoyment from scholarly gatherings, but gatherings of disobedience to God, performing forbidden acts, worshipping the self, national- ism, worshipping idols, and sectarianism (being of one sect) injures the intellect.  When man’s intellect is perfected (completed), and then this intelligence arouses (stirs up) the nature of the perfect man.  Because the nature of all human beings is upon Islam, when the nature is awakened, man becomes a believer and a pious person.  He begins to understand what is temporary and what is eternal; he sacrifices temporary things for everlasting things.  In ordinary circumstances man can control satanic desires through means of the intellect.  However, when the evil self assumes a stormy state then even the intellect will be subdued (bought under control) and conquered (overcame).  Therefore, faith is necessary to always control Satanic desires.


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