The Two Types of Faith

quranThe Two Types of Faith

          One type of faith is related to the intellect.  For example, with reason and proof you established your point and the listener adopted faith.  However, this intellectual faith is not powerful enough to control the self when it is flooded by storms.  The second type is heartfelt faith or certain faith, meaning that faith which enters the heart.  For example, man believes in the Day of Judgment; nevertheless, he commits sins.  Man’s intellect says that you have to die, but still he does not prepare for his grave.  This is due to having intellectual and knowledgeable faith, but not heartfelt faith or the faith of certainty and truth.  Man can attain heartfelt faith only when he reaches the state of certainty (undoubted facts).  The state of certainty is only created by action.  Besides obligatory deeds, one should give great importance to recommended acts. Furthermore, besides just refraining from forbidden deeds, one should also refrain from discouraged actions. 

          “A believer is strong like a mountain.”  Sexual lust, desire for wealth, desire for fame, lust for power, or any other desire no matter however strong a stormy state it adopts cannot move a believer and cannot ruin his faith. 


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