True Richness and True Poverty

True Richness and True Poverty

          Now what does it mean to be rich?  Being rich refers to the richness of man’s heart.  He should become independent of all human beings except God.  Being rich does not refer to money and wealth, but to a state of heart which is related to the soul.  Wealthy and affluent (wealthy) people speak of such dishonourable things, whereas those who are poor do not.  The hearts of ascetic (zahid)[1] people were so rich that they looked down upon the whole universe with contempt (dislike).  They did not consider anyone except God worthy of listening to them describes their needs.  They thought that the disgrace of those who sought the world was more than anyone else’s.  Upon examination with keen eyes, it is possible that the shackles and chains which the man who follows his desires has hung around his neck will be transformed (changed) into the chains of Hell.  The believer should break these chains in order to achieve freedom.  If man does not attain freedom, then he cannot be free in the Hereafter either.  Until he does not break those chains, he cannot acquire elevated (raised) spiritual stations.  If the evil self is strengthened in the inner Satan, then all of man’s powers will obey them.  Then they will not leave him until he sins, so that his religion and faith are destroyed.  O Heedless Man!  Have mercy upon your condition.  Use every means to bring yourself out from prison.  Now, when you are young and physical strength remains, go stand in their opposition.  If you remain negligent (careless) in your youth, then this work will become very difficult in old age.  If man does not break these chains, then it is possible that when the Angel of Death comes, Satan will snatch (take it away) his faith from him.        
 [1] Great Scholar al-Sajjad (A) was asked:

“Who is the most exalted and most noble person?”

“The one who does not regard the world worthy


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