What is Intellect (aql)?


What is Intellect (aql)?

          The thinking is the fruit of wisdom. A pondering person is a wise person.  Great Scholar Sadiq (A) says that the difference between an intelligent and a foolish person is that an intelligent person first thinks, then speaks.  Similarly, in the field of action he first thinks, then acts.  However, the foolish person does the opposite (first he acts, and then he thinks).  Great Scholar Ali (A) states, that a perfect man is he who performs an action after always considering toward what his intellect commends him.  It has repeatedly been stated in the Holy Qur’an,

“Most surely there are signs in this for a people who understand.” (Ar-Ra’d:4).

Similarly, there are many verses for “the people who reflect.” Thus, there are signs in this (Qur’an) for a people who reflect.

          Great Scholar Sadiq (A) was asked about the intellect.  He said, “The intellect is that by which man can become God’s servant and through which he can attain the Heavens.” 

          Those who go to Hell are the greatest fools and the most stupid persons, no matter how intelligent they were in the world.  Being wealthy, a politician, or deceiving people by tricking or misleading them is not intelligence; these people are only fooling themselves.  Apparently they are rich, famous, and powerful, but in reality, this is the lowest and most disgraceful station of Hell.  The Holy Qur’an states about those in Hell,

“And they shall say:  Had we but listened or pondered, we should not have been among the inmates of the burning fire” (Al-Mulk: 10).

          (Rejection of anything or place without reason is worship of the self).  The Qur’an also states this, that rejecting any being without reason or proof means making yourself opposing God. 


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