Muslims Love Killing Muslims.

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The Aathvi procession has an Alam or Standard in the front and in front of the Alam is the Reciter or Nohakar who recites melliflously the Noha paying tribute to the sacrifice of Imam Hussain, the bravery of Hazrat Abbas, thirst of Sakina, her admration and love  for her brave uncle who took her little pouch called Mashke Sakina to collect water from the River Euphrates and never came back cut down by Yazids accursed forces and the Mashke Sakina bleeding.. water mixed with blood, about Ali Asghar 6 months son of Imam Hussain  the arrow to his nimble throat instead of water.. the arrow shot by Harmullah, Kassam the son of Imam Hassan and his body slaughtered in a so many pieces ,  Ali Akbar another 18 yr old son of Imam Hussain and a lance in his chest, Ouno and Mohomed sons of Janabe Zainab, who  was so busy grieving for her Brothers woes never had tme to grieve for her her own sons, all the Imams 72 fighting members,  the women folk ,  specially Janabe Zainab watching from the curtain of the tent as Shimr leapt on the fallen body of Imam Hussain  decapitated him with a blunt dagger.. the last surviving son of the Imam the sickly Zainul Abeedeen who was spared.. made prisoner and the sheer inhuman attrocities , the pillage , the arson, the loot the plunder of the immediate family Of the Holy Prophet and the Sunnis cry foul on the Cartoons of the Holy Prophet.. by a Danish self centered egotist  Cartoonist..  their forefathers stoodin Silence  abetted in the most heinous crime ..against Truth, Justice and God and Godliness.
 This is not about Shia and Sunnie..Divide.
This is not about religious superiority
This is about Man and Mankind..
 the Man of the Ummayad Caliphate was not too kind or human either.

 Today a man who has committed genocide killed millions is treated with kid gloves is it a tacit understanding between Bush and Saddam Hussain.. that Saddam Hussain still calls the shots.. with boodied hands, is well fed, offers namaaz, roza.. and is living Martyr for the Sunni Cause.. Sunnis have everything but dont have Martyrs..they have Mecca, Medina and the only Martyrs are those that die year after year due to the negligence of the Saudi Authorities during the stampede at Haj Time..
And the Muslim world watches in shame as it needs its coffers to be replenished by Wahhabi benevolence and Charity.
I am the Cowardice of my religious race..
We fight other peoples battles  not our own..

Yes Muslims love kiling Muslims ..

Note: Comments by Firoz Shakir


I start a new gallery called Aathvi it happens on 8th Rabbilawwal the Muslim calendar a the Shias from the northern belt of India specially Uttar Pradesh Lucknow, and other areas commemorate the Martyrdom of the 11 th Imam Hazrat Hassan Askari

Aag Ka Matam Kazmain

aag ka matam

my own

my own

aag ka matam

The Fire Walk



The Fire walk at Kazmain..

Waiting in Vain

 my own,


One thought on “Muslims Love Killing Muslims.”

  1. Than you sir, you have been a person whose support and friendship I cherish the most,, you have been a guide in your advise to me privately..I respect your encouraging work selfless devotion for the cause of Muslim Unity.. One God a single chant of Allh Ho Akbar and Ahle without the other is meaningless.
    firoze shakir


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