In a programme “Bilaa Hudood” hosted on al-Jazeera TV at 8.00 p.m. BST on 2 May 2007 by Ahmad Mansoor with his guest interviewee Shaykh Jawad al-Khalisy (introduced on the programme as “Ayatullah”), the programme was filled with innuendos against Ayatullah al-Uzma Sayyid Ali al-Seestani.

Al-Jazeera Arabic TV is not in need for any introduction. Its sympathies with the terror organisations, in particular, with al-Qaeda and its outspoken support for the brutal mass-murderer and perpetrator of crimes against humanity, Saddam Takriti, throughout his trial and execution, were as clear as the sunshine. Its ladies reporters even wore black clothes after the execution of Saddam, which they have not cared to wear even on the death anniversaries of the Prophet.

Despite the fact that the world print and electronic media is replete with savage crimes committed by Saddam and although the terror organisations have been taking credit with pride for suicide bombings against the Shi’ite targets in the Sadr City, in Karbala and Najaf, but as far as al-Jazeera TV is concerned, these events are not even worth a word of condemnation. Its main concern has been the Jihad of the “Sunni Mujahideen” who have been fighting single-handedly the occupation forces in Iraq, when the Shias have been collaborating with the Americans and “murdering the Sunnis” all along.

Ahmad Mansoor, the interviewer on al-Jazeera TV went off the hook in insulting Ayatullah al-Uzma al-Seestani and stopped short of accusing him of collaborating actively with the American forces and not condemning the murder of Sunnis by the “Shi’ite militia”, according to his diatribe. Extending his wrangling against the Shi’ite institution of Marja’iyyah, and his hatred against the Shias which were quite apparent from his taunts and facial expressions, he even went along in suggesting whether Ayatullah Seestani is in “ghaybah” and whether he has already appointed his son to succeed him and whether the occupation forces would have any say in appointing his successor; and why do the government Ministers perform “Hajj” towards Ayatullah Seestani.

Apparently, these innuendos were for the love of his “Mujahideen” whose hands are dipped with the blood of innocent souls. The blueprint for igniting a civil war in Iraq was authored by the terror criminal al-Zarqawi and is available on the internet, which of course Ahmad Mansoor did not find it convenient to read.

If any reporter or commentator or presenter has the audacity of passing such irresponsible remarks against a religious figure like Ayatullah Seestani, who is respected by millions of Shias around the world, he should have had a basic honesty in discussing the root problem of terrorism in Iraq.

Do the presenters of al-Jazeera have the courage and truthfulness in inviting the rulers of Qatar and questioning them in public as to why did they allow all the logistic, military and ground facilities to the foreign forces to invade and occupy Iraq? Why have they and their other Arab States allowed foreign military bases on their soil? But perhaps in the dictionary of al-Jazeera, the collaboration by their own rulers with the foreign forces is quite acceptable, because their broadcasting licence depends on them.

Talking about honesty, the next time Ahmad Mansoor brings up the subject of the Shia Marja’iyyah in his programmes, he should read a little bit of history. In contrast with his own Marja’iyyah, the Shias do not owe their religious heritage to Ibn Akilatul Akbaad, whose mother has made a name in history for chewing human liver.

Shaykh Jawad al-Khalisi is advised that if he cannot tackle the impudent style of the presenters on this TV channel, there is no need to appear on their programmes. Before absolving the self-confessed terror organisations from indiscriminate killing of Shias in the sacred cities and in crowded market places in the Sadr City from responsibility, he should have asked himself whether he was being fair and just to the souls of the innocent civilians, including babies and children that have been massacred just because they are Shias?

One wonders, to what extent can the Shia spokesmen compromise to the distortions on this TV channel. Only a day earlier, in a documentary about Iran, the commentator said that the main difference between the Shias and the Sunnis is that the Shias worship the dead, whereas the Sunnis consider this to be infidelity.

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  1. Jazira TV channel should think and then speak what it is saying.First of all, I condemn whatever has been said about the Grand Ayatullah Seestani. Secondly, I would like to say that among the stones spread all over, a diamond is between us in the form of “SHIAT”. If you need any assistance, then please ask some learned to guide you in finding what exactly the “SHIAT” is all about or else you can also contact me anytime whenever you want. I am from India and my mobile number is 9870707734. I would once again request to please think before saying.


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