Do you Know Who is a Muslim

Do you Know Who is a Muslim ? A Muslim is one who believes that there is only one God. Muhammad is his Last Prophet and the day of Judgement. If you do believe in these, then you are a Muslim.
 However to say only that you are a Muslim is not sufficient: but it is your duty to act according to the Islamic regulations so that you become a true Muslim and lead a happy Life in this world and acquire greatness in the life hereafter by entering Paradise and enjoying the pleasure of God.
Therefore you must make every effort to act accordingly.

The teachings of Islam may be divided into three parts:-

1) ROOTS (Usool) of Islam.
2) Branches (Furoo) of Islam
3) Character of Islam

Roots of Religion(Usul-e-Deen)

The Roots of Islam are its fundamentals principles the belief in which is essential.
These are

1) Unity (Oneness) of God (Tawheed).

2) Justice of God(Adl)

3) Prophethood(Nubuwwat)

4) Succession to the Prophet (Imamat)

5) Day of Judgement(Quiyamat).


The proof of his being is found in the heavens and what is therein. For example, the shining sun and the moon the glittering stars and the clouds the wind and rain. And is seen in the earth and what is in it: like oceans and rivers trees and fruits and valuable minerals of all kinds such as Gold silver and emeralds. And also in other things like creatures that fly and those that swim and the ones that creep or walk. In all their different forms and distinguishable voices and that are similar and dissimilar; and the wonderful Man; with ears and tongue, his health and sickness. His happiness and anger and sorrow ad such other things.

All these prove the existence of the Lord, the Wise and All Knowing.

Thus, We believe in His Existence and worship Him, seek help from Him and depend upon him, the Holy Being. And His name is Allah(swt).


Allah is Holy and is free from every defect or need. For example; He has no body. He is everywhere because His power and Knowledge are widespread.

Allah has neither a colleague nor a partner in his Divinity. Nor is He made or composed of any matter. He cannot be divided even in Imagination. He is not Visible. He has not been seen, is not seen, and will never be seen either in this world or in Quiyamat. The day of Judgement.

Allah is not subject to any change nor does any transitory thing reaches Him.


4. Life Sketch of our Prophet

 Sucession To The Prophet

 Day of Judgement (Quiyamat)


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