Hajoon tomb in Mecca.

https://i0.wp.com/www.alqaim.info/unity/wp-content/uploads/2007/08/maqbaeaehajoon.jpgHazrat-e Abu Talib was born 35 years before holy prophet (SW)’s birth in Mecca. He was born in a conspicuous and pious family. His father was Abdul Motalib, holy prophet (SW)’s grand father. He was married to Fatima binte Asad and was an uncle of the Islamic Prophet, Hazrat-e Muhammad (SW). He had four sons and two daughters. His real name was Imran but he is better known as Abu Talib because he had a son named Talib. Talib was his the oldest son. His second son was Aqil and third of them was Ja’far who was called as Ja’far Tayyar. And his the youngest son was Hazrat-e Ali (AS). His older daughter was Fakhteh and his younger daughter was Asma. All of his children were from Fatima binte Asad. He was a son of Shaiba ibn Hashim and Fatimah binte Amr, thus a full brother of Muhammad’s father ‘Abdullah ibn ‘Abdul Muttalib, who had died before Hazrat-e Muhammad (SW)’s birth. Abu Talib took care of Muhammad after the death of Shaiba ibn Hashim, Hazrat-e Muhammad (SW)’s grandfather and Abu Talib’s father, when Muhammad was 8 years old. Abu Talib also protected Hazrat-e Muhammad (SW) against other sub-clans of Banu Quraish, who were the enemies of the Islamic Prophet Mohammad (SW). When Muhammad was a child, Abu Talib was head of the Banu Hashim clan of the Quraish tribe. Once Muhammad got older, he took responsibility for Abu Talib’s son Ali ibn Abu Talib. Abu Talib had a trading caravan business with Syria. In one of his trip, he took Hazrat-e Mohammad (SW) along with himself. During this trip, a monk by the name of Boheyra, brought good news about Hazrat-e Mohammad (SW)’s prophecy.After Hazrat-e Muhammad (SW) began preaching the message of Islam, increasingly more members of the Quraish tribe came to feel threatened by Hazrat-e Muhammad (SW). In attempts to quiet him, they would lean on Abu Talib to silence his nephew or control him. Despite these pressures, Abu Talib did nothing but support Hazrat-e Muhammad (SW) and defended him from the other heads of the Quraish. Abu Talib died in 10th year of Be’sat, at around the same time as Muhammad’s beloved wife Khadijah, leading to an immensely sad time for him. When he passed away, number of Moslems was less than 50 and by his death, they had lost their best supporter.  This year was known as the saddest year of the life of the prophet, the Year of Sorrow. His body was buried in Hajoon tomb in Mecca. This place is known as Abu Talib Cemetry.



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