Ayatollah Golpayegani Condemns Wahhabi Sedition to Destroy Holy

Sample ImageGrand Ayatollah Safi Golpayegani has condemned the so-called fatwa of the Wahhabi seditionists for destruction of holy shrines of the Ahl al-Bayt or members of the Prophet’s infallible household. In a statement issued last night in the holy city of Qom, he pointed out that the Wahhabi seditionists have for the past century followed the anti-Islamic policy of massacre, destruction and corruption.Grand Ayatollah Golpayegani branded the Wahhabi operatives as terrorists, which are intent on causing insecurity and civil war in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lebanon and Algeria and other regions.



One thought on “Ayatollah Golpayegani Condemns Wahhabi Sedition to Destroy Holy”

  1. HI
    pleas send it to Ayatollah golpayegani nwebsite immediatly

    thank you so much

    farshad faryabi


    Dear ayatollah OLOZMA GOlPAYEGANJI

    Titlle :

    Your statement is freedom for me,


    I am sending this email regarding my another letter for you about some kinds of illegal exams

    psychological fight against me and my family in this country. I have some questions about

    This letter is following my letters and requests to :

    1- WA state human rights commission

    2- FBI

    3- police

    4- Interpol

    5- department of how land security

    6- US courts in Seattle and wa DC

    7- federal court

    And too many another organizations in this country.

    I have been organized discrimination by US government
    They don’t want to believe and respect to the law and don’t want to my civil and social and human

    rights in this country.

    I have been too much abused by advance telepathic and hypnotism by some persons who has been

    support by some US federal government organizations.

    They start this abuse jun 15 th 2005 by big social psychological programs on that summer 2005 when I was working in my job.,

    1- giving my personal information to the people .

    2- too much blame by telepathy contact in US society

    3- organized discrimination for my job for my social and civil rights and for following this claim

    And after that to now

    I was under this program until agues first it was as social prison.

    This social psychological prison was under social psychological program by some university and under control by US government.

    I am under too much psychological presser and illegal metaphysical exams in this country about 3 years .

    I don’t have law and they think I am mouse lab.

    They abuse me by advance telepathic and hypnotism skills. Every body practice on me by telepathy and hypnotism and some other metaphysical and psychological skills.

    US government and one of synonyms Company are abusing me by some kinds of exams ( ELECTRO TELEPATHY EXAMS ) and ultra sonic waves .

    I complaint to police department and home land security and FBI and US law enforcement and courts

    They did not care and they did not follow my complains /

    I remember one time I was under hypnotism and telepathic nerve shocks I got numbness and too much

    problems in my health.

    I went to hospital and they did not care about main problems because I did not have any statesmen

    For telepathy as well as another US and Iranian citizen ships.

    Another time I called 911 emergency department and I had been blind by some kinds of metaphysical

    abuse as hypnotism but I couldn’t explain about the main rescans of this problems because I did not

    have any statement or official letter from US or Iranian government about telepathy or some special

    telepathic program from august first to now ,

    I have been refugee to church for escaping from this social systematic prison and this kinds of abuse

    by illegal metaphysical exams to US church.
    US government and all the organizations In this country has been boycott for this claim and they don’t want to follow this claim by law.

    I can not sleep , I can not continue to my education , I have been bankruptcy , I have been sick by numbness and nerve pain and desperation and too much another problems.
    At least 3 times I went to hospital just for my heart and my bread problems.

    My hands and food nerves have too many problems for moving and physical activities on my job and

    sporting and walking,.

    I can not work enough hours .

    US government or at leas on e of federal government organization US advance telepathic skills for broadcasting some bad things on this US society. For business for colleges and universities and

    And ever where.

    Some times they say he has too much blaming behaviors against US government ( by telepathic skills )

    Some times they lie to people in this area,

    They don’t say me any things about the reasons and why ?????????

    They don’t give me any official or unofficial answers.

    I wrought a letter to US president and congress and some another politician in USA and other place of

    the world but I couldn’t get any answer WHY??????WHY???????????????/////////

    I hope , find the reasons of this abuse from years and half ago.

    This is the part of program by one of US federal organizations in this country

    1- social systematic jail 2- sensor ships 3- psychological presser for preventing of

    Following this claim by law.

    I am foundering why Islamic republic of Iran doesn’t give me any statement as well as another Iranian citizen ships.

    I sure the part of Iran embassy jobs are solving problems of Iranian people in out side of Iran .

    Bu they did not help me and a they did not do any investigation,

    I have been too much abused by some persons from Iran and USA.

    I complaint them but I have been organized discrimination and they don’t give me any statement.

    I sent my documents to these organization s:

    1- Iran embassy

    2- represent ice of Islamic republic of Iran in Un

    3- the before president of Islamic republic of Iran

    4- majmahe tashkhise malachite nezam

    5- majamahe khobregane rahabari

    6- vezarate ettlelaat 7-Interpol ( iran )

    7- Interpol (france

    8- France Interpol

    9-chin Interpol

    10- shirin EBADI

    I don’t have law , I don’t have freedom , I can not be comfortable In my home ., this is kinds of home prison because am alone in kinds of prison in my home by different kinds of psychological fight,

    Hypnotism practice and abuse by some persons, telepathic abuse is another kinds of this kinds of abuse in this kinds of prison.

    I am very close to brand dead and disability I believe I can not talk and I can not move my feed and hand and my muscles until another 3 weeks by side effects of this kinds of illegal exams and abuse.

    WHAT CAN I DON ???????????

    WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO ?????


    Some persons are abusing me by and saving dirty money and they are taking advantage of me and my physique qualification
    They made some illegal commercial transactions and illegal activities by some telepathic psychological fight.

    I don’t have more patience this kinds of abuse. I can not suffer this breaking my personality by some gangster group under control by one of US federal government .

    This is my last letter that I send for you and pop john paul and some other religion leaderships,
    If you don’t answer me I don’t know what can I don????????

    The another side effect is broadcasting my voice in the society by telepathic waves .

    I have some relation ships in the Hamadan, Tehran and Isfahan that some times I have telepathy communication to them but they did not talk to them directly and I ask from one of them.
    Some persons or some rules or laws.

    I hope they send for you some letters for statement.

    1- can I get statement for telepathy for telepathy
    from you as well as another Iranian citizen ships .????

    This statement could be by police recommendation or if some prevent it you can give it by yourself just for knowing and make sure about myself and solving some religion problems??????


    3- did we have any telepathy program from august 2005 to now. Because some persons prevented me for getting this statement. From summer 2005 to now
    They are taking advantage of me for this rescans they don’t give me statement for this reasons.

    They want to perform some kinds of illegal exams on me by some metaphysical and telepathic skills in this area and I can not go to the police and complain to the court because I don’t have any telepathy statement in this country or maybe in the both of countries.
    I don’t have any official letter for proving my court petition and my complains about some crimes by telepathy ( this official letter can be by people signature or your signature )

    4- I don’t have any official statement for telepathy for hospital and Medicare in USA.

    I had been injured by some persons from REZA Phlavi groups and their telepathic and their telepathic nerve shocks to my nerve systems.

    I did not have any official statement from police and I couldn’t talk about that to the doctors I got numbness in my neck and my muscles.

    This is the another reasons that I need statement ; for telepathy.


    5 I can not continue my education , I can not continue my work , I can not continue my job ,

    I can not continue to my life .

    They are using o f the result of illegal exams on me every day . They don’t give me any information of these kinds of exams. This is as new sliding in 21 century.

    \some persons are getting dirty more for this abuse some persons area taking advantage of brand pulses.

    For some illegal electro telepathy exams an abusing me .

    Some body are practicing hypnotism and telepathic skills on me and the both of them area.

    Abusing by telepathy and hypnotism are the part of this kinds of abuse.
    MY mother doesn’t have any statement FOR TELEPATHY
    too ??????????

    6- I am thinking how can I continue to this life . If I suicide myself is that OK ?????

    Because in this situation what can I do????????

    I can not stand more ???????????

    What is he religion order for me about that???///??????/

    Would you please answer to my questions .

    With the best regards



    851 137TH ave NE
    b7-204 WA
    98005 usa

    425 653 3137


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