Scientific And Numerical Miracles in Quran

Scientific And Numerical Miracles in Quran

Quran is the everlasting miracle challenging every generation and

proving that it can never be but the word of Allah (God Almighty). Quran

made an open challenge to all those who doubt it and claim that it is

not from Allah to bring any book like it, or even any ten chapters like

it’s 114 chapters, or even any one chapter like it’s chapters. In spite

all the efforts of all the enemies of Islam, nobody could come out with

anything at all like Quran. This itself should be enough to prove that

Quran is not from a human source, and it is from Allah.

The scientific miracles of Quran are countless, but we may take few of

them just as examples :-

1) In Sura Maryam, Verse 25 , Allah ordered Maryam when she was during

labor to shake the trunk of the palm tree so that fresh dates may fall

on her. He also ordered her to eat from the fresh dates and drink. The

medical scientists reached recently to the fact that woman during labor

needs a food material to make delivery easy, that material is found in

many foods, but best found in fresh dates among all foods in the world.

2) The movement of the earth is clearly mentioned in Quran (Sura 27,

Verse 88) bearing in mind that most of people in that time including

Europe till recently believed that earth was stable.

3) In Sura 20, Verse 30, Allah says ( Don’t disbelievers see that skies

and earth were attached then we detach them?). This Quranic fact was

confirmed by scientists on the advance of scientific research and it is

now admitted by scientists. The discovery of the Big Bang which was

announced few years back confirms this Quranic fact

4) The development of embryo is mentioned in miraculous way in Sura

Al-Mo’minoon, verses 12,13 and 14 giving the most accurate details which

was just revealed by scientists. A Canadian Professor announced after 15

years of research in embryology that he found his research results

stated in Quran which was revealed 1400 years ago. He confirmed that

Quran can never be from any human being and it is definitely from God.

5) In Al-Nahl (Honey Bee), Verse 69, Allah (swt) states that the honey

has cure for people. This Quranic fact is confirmed in hundreds of

scientific researches on honey. Today, there are scientific research

centers in USA specialized in honey and it’s benefits to cure every


The numerical miracles Of Quran are also countless, but we take just few

as examples :-

1) The mention of ( Hour ) came in Quran just 24 times, and ( Month)

came 12 times, while (day) came in Quran 365 times.

2) The mention of man came in Quran 24 times, exactly as the mention of

woman came in Quran 24 times.

3) The mention of (Aql) which means intellect came in Quran 49 times, as

the mention of (Noor) which means light 49 times.

4) People 368 times, as messengers 368 times. This means that whenever

there were people, there was a messenger and a message from God to guide


5) Tongue is mentioned in Quran 29 times, as talking is also 29 times.

6) Astray goers 17 times, as Dead persons 17 times, because going astray

is the real death.

7) Difficulty 114 times, as Patience 114.

8) Life 145, as Death 145.

9) Dunia which means this life, came in Quran 115 times, as Aakhirah

which means hereafter which also came 115 times.

10) Sins 180 times, as Good deeds 180 times.

11) Angels 88 times, as the devils 88 times.

12) Imam 12 times, successor 12 times, The Best Chosen by Allah

(Al-Mostafawn) 12 times, Most pious (Al-Abraar) 12 times, and Shia 12

times. You find (Firqa) which means a division came in Quran 72 times

which the number of divisions in Muslim Ummah away from the right path

of Islam as the total sects according to the Hadeeth is 73.

13) Adam 25 times, as Easa (Jesus) 25 times. Quran says that ( The

example of Easa with Allah is like the example of Adam ( 3:59).

14) Land and Sea are mentioned in Quran in 12 times for land and 41

times for sea, which is the exact ratio of land and sea on the globe

which was discovered just recently after advancement of sciences and

space photography of the globe.

Finally, I should state with full confidence that every word in Quran

has miracles which we may be able to discover some of it’s sides

according to our thinking and advancement of our knowledge, no matter

which language we understand, because Quran is the everlasting miracle

for all worlds, all times. More we think and research, more we discover,

though Quranic miracles are definitely endless.

Wassalamu alaikum wr wb

Sayyed-Mohammad Musawi


6 thoughts on “Scientific And Numerical Miracles in Quran”

  1. Question: Normally non-muslims ask this question more frequently that why Muhammed (PBUH) did many marriages?
    Kindly reply give prompt and soft.


  2. Sura “Al Hadeed” Chapter # 57 in English “The Iron”, happened to be Iron’s atomic weight, and the verse were the word ‘ Al Hadeed ‘ mentioned is #25, in the Sura, adding 1, since (Besme Ellahe Elrahman Elraheem) is a verse, we get the number 26 which is the atomic number of Iron.


  3. Salam all,

    Chapter The Iron is number 56 not 57 if we follow Quran 15:87:

    “We have given you seven of the doublets and the Grand Quran.”

    where the 7 of the doublets are the first chapter of the Quran (Al-Fatiha) for having 7 verses that must be recited twice in every prayer. That means:

    Quran = Key + Message
    114 chapters = 1 (Al-Fatiha) + 113 chapters

    where the length of each of the 113 chapters corresponds to the abundance ratio of the 113 chemical elements in nature.

    #1 Al-Baqara => Hydrogen
    #2 Aal Amraan => Helium

    #26 Al-Shu3araa => Iron

    #56 The Iron => Barium

    See chapter The Iron now has number #56 in this new numbering system to match its atomic mass (not atomic weight nor atomic number).

    See the full graph at

    See the full details of Quran and Prime Numbers at

    Download the latest QuranCode software from

    God knows better.


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