Allah and Om at eftaar party

Ifthihaar in Mysore Ashrama - Dec 14, 2001

Sri Swamiji hosted Iftaar party to the Moslems on 14th December. This was the second year where such historical event where a Moslem festival was held in a Hindu Ashrama. More than 700 Moslems came. They broke their fast in this holy month of Ramadan and offered Namaaz prayers. Sri Swamiji too joined the moslems in offering Namaaz prayers,. Kneeling on the ground while the deputy Sir Khaji chanted prayers, Sri Swamiji offered Namaaz with all. Two young boys offered the recitation of holy Koran. Swami Manasa Datta gave welcome speech and he extolled that it was time where people of different faiths attended each other’s festivals. He said that everyone was there to partake in the garden of Love grown by Swamiji. Dr.Sheikh Ali, noted historian and former vice chancellor of Mangalore university spoke on the importance of Ramadan festival. Dr.Khudratulla, Deputy Khaji of Mysore spoke on the greatness of Swamiji in inviting the Moslems and giving them feast. Sri Ramdas, MLA spoke on the importance of universal brotherhood especially in India where different communities co existed for centuries. Sri Swamiji speaking in the end said that he was happy that Moslems came for the Iftaar held in Ashrama and that goes to show that the communities indeed loved each other. Sri Swamiji said that Data Peetham’s character was its universal outlook. Sri Swamiji conveyed wishes and greetings to the Moslems for the holy Ramadan festival. Then a feast was arranged for all.

Moslems break the fast in Ashrama’s Annapurna Mandir on 14th December 2001 in Ashrama.

Sri Swamiji joins the Moslems in Namaaz – prayer


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