• The Holy Quran has 30 parts

  • The Holy Quran has 114 surahs

  • Bismillah Al-Rahman Al-Raheem is repeated 114 times in the Quran.

  • All except for Surat “Al Tawbah” start with Bismillah al-Rahman al-Raheem.

  • Surat “Al Namel, No. 27” has Bismillah Al-Rahman Al-Raheem in its body

  • Al-Baqarah is the longest surah in the Quran  

  • Al-Kawthar is the shortest surah in the Quran

  • Milk is the best drink mentioned in the Quran

  • Honey is the best food thing mentioned in the Quran

  • The best month is Ramadan

  • The best night is the Night of Power in Ramadan (Laylat al Qadr)

  • The most disliked thing by Allah, although being halal, is Divorce

  • Surat Yaseen is the HEART of the Quran

  • Surat Al-Ikhlas is considered 1/3 of the Quran

  • Quran was revealed over 23 years: 13 in Mecca and 10 in Madina

  • Surat Al-Dahr was revealed in respect to Ahlul Bayt (P)

  • Surat Al Nissa speaks about laws of marriage

  • Whoever reads one letter of the Quran gets 10 Rewards

  • Reading 1 verse in Ramadan is equal to reading the entire Quran in other months

  • Ramadan is the Spring of the Holy Quran

  • The Quran will intercede for people who recited it on Judgment Day

  • The Quran will complain of people who didn’t recite it on Judgment Day


    • Walaykum assalam
      First of all, as prophet Muhammad (S) said in his last khuttba given on mount arafaat, he left behind two things, the quran and his sunnah.
      I am also a muslim so I would also like to give you some of my expierience.
      1. Have taqwa- know Allah is Always WATCHING.
      2. Go to the Masjid more- you might find some of your answers might be answered in khutbas, halaqas, workshops, lectures, etc.
      3. Study the Quran and Implemnt it on daily life- The quran and sunnah should be your #1 source.They have pure words from Allah. Qurans are available in many stores and languages.

      AKA Korp


  1. i am very happy to day because of this i don’t know i am not know or i am right new face to this website there for in this website many thing and this is very useful for those how people they don’t know wish to one day every thing is be prafcet.


  2. A.A.W My dear brothers ans sisters please try your best to read and follow the holy Quran as it is truly the right path.all the answers to your Questions can be found even if you dont know Arabic.Please get english translatoins. thank you.


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