When Our Scholars Fight…

“We believe in Islamic Unity. All Learned Scholars are equally worthy of respect and honor in our eyes. We do not promote any specific scholar or Maulana. We are totally against dividing our community into different small groups on the basis of difference in their respective researches. Those who wish to create discord among us on this basis are soldiers and agents of iblees (Satan) and by creating such disputes they are support him.”

When Our Scholars Fight…

We all know about the importance and respect of scholars in Islam. Even looking at their face is classed as Ebada’at.

Personally, I’ve always raised my voice against members In our discussion forums criticizing any of our scholars from an open platform. He should be aware of the fact that by doing this, he is insulting and degrading the Muslim community as a whole. It also supports the cause of Iblees, by adding a great help to the enemies of Islam, in their mission to destroy us Muslims, and our faith.

But undoubtedly, many of our current time Islamic scholars have sold their Emaan. They are acting like puppets controlled by the ignorant, rich and powerful. This is all for the sake of mere name, fame and money!! Such greedy scholars are seen in every type of community.

  • It is disgusting and heart breaking to learn that our scholars have become part of different groups and are acting like slaves. They forget that they are leaders of Islam, leaders of the Ummah as a whole and not solely the leaders of some group or organisation. They have the responsibility of the whole Ummah on them and their responsibility doesn’t end at their respective groups. They forget that the truth that they studied lies within Quran and Ahlulbait only and is not restricted to the thoughts of their organisation.


  • It’s a regret that some scholars indulge their selves in back biting and criticising other scholars in public, in such a way as if the owner of one Product would boasts about his company and criticises his competitor’s products so that people get attracted towards his product and look down to his competitors.


  • For eg: Scholar Mr X and Mr Y would try to convince the public that their respective views are accurate and authentic giving references from previous researches made by Scholars. They forget that their job was to teach the public but not to prove other scholar wrong.


  • Ever thought how many scholars operate on the web, manage websites to preach Islam to save the ummah from getting misguided, do amr bil ma’aroof or answer our questions?? The answer is very few!! They read messages and emails, they are aware that immediate and urgent help and guidance is required. But they prefer to sit silent. Every wondered Why????


  • Give them hundreds of thousands and they’ll happily come to recite lectures and majalis for as many days as u require. They’ll guide you with the best examples and teachings, but would hardly apply it to themselves. But would they guide the misguided or teach the public free of cost? OR support by knowledge to Islamic organizations which are not financially sound on their invitation free of cost? Ever wondered why???

“There is no doubt that you do find scholars helping the ummah and striving to guide the ummah to the right path and don’t even think of money. But unfortunately, they are very few!!”

  • Unfortunately, there are few scholars out there who are a typical photo copy of Late and respected philosophers and research scholars, use their research for dividing our community into different small groups on the basis of difference in their respective researches and hurt the feelings of other Brothers in faith. They forget that creating disputes in Islam is HARAAM.

On the other hand, there are some who use Fazael e ahlulbayt to make money just by blackmailing shia ne ali emotionally by telling the shia Fazael e Ahlulbayt which is a recommended act but Unfortunately these ulema intentionally neglect telling shia about practices and teachings of ahlulbayt. They tell beautifully what happened at karbala but Unfortunately forget to tell why there is karbala? What was maqsad e Karbala? What are the paigham e karbala? What to learn from Karbala?

But least do they care!! They are minting money by doing this and increasing their bank balances.

They have gone to such an extent in order to create disputes that they have now started recruiting fresh and newly declared scholars who have just left Hawza(school) after completing their 4,5,6 or 8 years of studies. They are in hunt of scholars who are new and are willing to sell their Emaan for the sake of money.

You visit them and you’ll find them insulting other zaakirs, lecturers and scholars!!

With due respect, I would like to ask these organisations and these dispute making scholars…..

  • What are you quarrelling over??
  • What do you get out of it????
  • What is the matter with you’ll???
  • What animosity do you have towards each other???
  • You are all God-fearing, good and knowledgeable scholars, then why is it that if a concept is not cleared or a word of warning is not given, an EXPLOSION has to occur???
  • The students of the same school should start fighting within themselves?????
  • Do you think your fight and missions are well justified???
  • Is it a fight between a hero and a villain???
  • Have you forgotten the peaceful teachings of Holy Prophet(saw) and the Holy Imams(as)????

Let me remind you with some narrations of our beloved Holy Masoomeen(as).

The Holy Prophet [s] said:* “There will come a time for my Ummah when their rulers will be cruel, their scholars will be greedy and have little
…Bihar-uI-Anwar, vol. 23, p. 22

** Do you think you fall in the category of scholars, Prophet Muhammad(saw) has warned the Ummah about???

The Holy Prophet **[s] said:* “There will come a time for my Ummah when They will love this world and neglect the next world, They will love buildings and forget the graves…..Al-Ithna ‘Ashariyyah, p. 202

** Are scholars not part of the Ummah?? They are not exceptions…

The Holy Prophet [s] said:* “There will come a time for people that: they
will not respect their scholars except for their good clothing…….
Waqayi’-ul-’Ayyam,p. 439

The other side of Coin……………….

** We have many good scholars within us. But they are not well known and are poor. They do not have money, name or fame! They do not make good orator. Hence we people do not invite them to recite majalis or take lectures. Am I making sense??

** Does this mean that, knowledge is not valued and an important criteria to judge a scholar? Does he have to be a good orator,and know how to play dirty politics and makes groups in order to be invited to recite majalis from mimber e Rasool? His knowledge about Islam gets no credit?? He gets sided out for being precise, knowledgeable, poor, honest and humble??

We appoint scholars to lead the jamaat prayers, teach our children in madressa, to answer our questions. All this on mininmum possible salary?? We don’t even think twice if their salary is sufficient in providing them a decent life style and necessities to their family??

But if this scholar was to kill his humbleness, his silence, sell his faith, talk our native language, he would have been minting money like there was no tomorrow. He would have not to worry about his finances at all.!!

Who gives them money??? We do!!!

Who are responsible for the sufferrings of sincere scholars???? We are!!!

We do not allow our scholars to act independently on Islamic matters. When we hire a scholar, set limits for him. We tell him what we want to hear and what we don’t want to hear from him. We tell him what to talk about and what not to mention at all. We don’t give him a double think whether its right in Islam or not.

For example: Maulana, please do not talk about hijab and its importance because the ladies don’t like to hear about it. Do not discuss the importance ,status and scrifices of Ahlulbait more over here because the public in this area are Inquilabi(revolutionary), etc etc.

So the scholar has to obey the trustees, presidents, leaders of the mosque, centre or group inorder to survive. The scholar that takes orders and obeys them, he lives on. The one who opposes because its not correct in Islam, they are kicked out the very same day!! He gets sacked!!
Our DUTY??? Our duty is to select good, humble and learned scholars and give them the freedom to talk independently. Provide them with sufficient salary so that they can meet their necessities and survive without any worries. Before inviting any scholar for lectures or majalis, we have to make sure that he is learned and knowledgeable.

I am aware of many scholars who can barely read urdu, arabic, etc going to the West to recite majalis returning with their pockets full of money. They are also given Khums to help poor indian, but their Khums is eaten by these very own Scholars.

Not every scholar or orator is authorised to collect Khums? We have to make sure that our Khums fall in the right hands. I have personally witnessed these scholars eating up the Khums instead of passing it on to the needy, deserving, or representatives of Mujtahids or Mujtahids in person.
(Note: All `ulama’ of our time are unanimous in saying that during the period of occultation, the share of the Present Imam must be used for the causes with which the Imam would agree. They also believe that the best persons to know such causes are the mujtahids. Therefore, according to all our present `ulama’, sihmu ‘l-Imam must be handed over to the most learned and trustworthy mujtahid or be used in the way authorized by such a mujtahid. The condition of religious knowledge and trustworthiness are important to guarantee the right use of sihmu ‘l-Imam.

It is an individual’s responsibility to transfer the sihmu ‘l-Imam to the mujtahid. If it is given to the representative of the mujtahid, then the responsibility will shift from the khums-payer to the representative. (For example, if the representative looses the money before it reached the mujtahid, then the khums-payer is no longer responsible for that.)

If a trustworthy person who is not a representative of the mujtahid agrees to take the sihmu ‘l-Imam to the mujtahid, then, in case of being lost, the responsibility will not shift from the khums-payer to that person: either the messenger should make up the loss or the khums-payer has to pay again. In the latter case, the khums-payer may request the mujtahid to exempt him for that year.)

So pay the Khums to Right person only…..

It is the duty of our scholars not join ignorants or any groups who hire people to create disputes within the Ummah. Do not join such groups for the sake of money, prosperity or fame. Do not forget that scholars need to PLEASE ALLAH and not the trustees, presidents, leaders of any group, organisation, place or jamaat. Scholars shouldn’t be running behind rich and powerful or say things to impress them.

The source of all sins is the love of the world . It is related in a tradition that two fierce, bloodthirsty wolves who attack an untended flock of sheep from the front and back, take longer to destroy tha tflock than it does for love of wealth and position to destroy the faith of the believer . And apparently, according to some other traditions, it is from the love of the self and the love of the world that these transgressions occur.

This love for one’s self, love for money, love for position destroys our faith, destroys our religion, destroys ISLAM!! Think about it for a while and you’ll see for urself that love for this world takes you nowhere. It is not right for you to bind youself for this world, especially this WORLD of ours.

*Imam Baqir (A.S.) : ** The scholar whose knowledge is made use of &
benefitted from, is worthier & more virtuous than seventy thousand
. **(Tuhful Aqool, P.294) *

It was asked of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him and his
descendants) who the worst people in the world were, and he replied “the*
`ulama* when they become corrupt.” *Bihar al-Anwar *, Majlisi, Vol.74,p. 138.


Imam Sadiq (pbuh) said that: When the last breath reaches here – and he
pointed to his throat – the *`alim* *can no longer repent*. Then he read
this verse from the Qur’an: “God will accept repentance from those who did
wrong through ignorance.” The late Mullah Muhsin Fayd al-Kashani, an
outstanding authority on Shi`i *hadith*, said on this tradition: “When the
last breath reaches the throat, repentance by *an `alim who recognises the
signs of death and who loses hope of staying alive will not be accepted *,
but he who is ignorant of these signs and still hopes to live, his
repentance will be accepted.”
*Al-Wafi*, Vol. 1, p. 21

It was my duty today to speak to you gentlemen on this matter, to the extent that I am able, so that you will pay more attention to what is happening and what is likely to happen.

May God bless you in the next world. May God grant you success in serving Islam and Muslims. May God guide you towards purification and towards another way of thinking. God willing, tomorrow we will continue with our discussions.

Keep us on the right path. The path of those upon whom Thou hast bestowed favors. Not (the path) of those upon whom Thy wrath is brought down, nor of those who go astray. (Al-Quran, 01:6-7)
By syed mohammad Masoom Abidi
Note: copy right and do not distribute without permission.


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