A majlis attended by all communities, Hindus,Christians Shias and Sunnis

Salam alykum,

For the last so many days i was thinking to share these thoughts of my one friend and devoted shia Mr. Firoz shakir with you. I always call him..“A true shia from inside”


 Taken from His Blog….

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Yesterday ,at noon I decided to first time after Ashura attend a majis at Chapel Road, of a very good devout Shia gentleman, Mr Akthar Imam of Lucky Decorators , actually Mr Akthar Imam is the only person I have seen whose house majlis is attended by all communities, Hindus , Christians Shias and Sunnis.
So it was imperative I go, like me there are others who don’t go anywhere, but are seen at Mr Akthar Imams majlis.
Mr Akthar Rizvi MP Celebrity builder, educationist politician, attends it come what may.
Local politicians, local Sunni residents, my friend Trevor Fuis too was there , Mr Abbas Kazmi poster boy of criminal law, a good friend and guide was also here with his goodlokng son Ali.
Also Munna photographer who stays close to Mr Akthar Imams house who carted me to his house too take my pictures.
The Majlis was recited by Maulana Zaki Baqri, was well attended, actor Javed Jaffery and his son Meenaz was there too.
Maulana Zaki Baqris majlis are very accurate in their thought process, always within the parameter of the subject that he is speaking about; he involves you completely as you involuntarily shake your head in assent to his logical conclusions.
Than after the discourse, which my wife said that the Maulana was perhaps talking about me, Maulana was hinting that you either believe in Islam completely, or don’t believe n it all, in short , Islam is a complete package , you cant just take what you like and discard what you don’t like.
Of course his quote on the Indian actress was not in good taste.., about the actress having said that Hijab is never been mentioned in the Holy Koran.
I know the actress Shabana Azmi said that the Hijab is a garment of Modesty and is not a compulsion.
Any way I cried during the Masaib, at the end of the Majlis gave him my visiting card, as I don’t go to the Bandra Khoja Shia Mosque, so the only place I can meet the Maulana in private is when he invites me to his house of stay in Mumbai.,
Wife and Samiya before I left for the majlis were grumbling about my jewellery that I had on my person, I wear complete black as you all know, also I don’t wear slippers or shoe.
I did not carry my camera here.
This was my first public appearance, at a Moharam event in Mumbai.

March 9th, 2007 at 8:28 am

 Taken from His Blog….


14 thoughts on “A majlis attended by all communities, Hindus,Christians Shias and Sunnis”

  1. I know you all shias condemn the sacrifice of Imam Hussain (a.s), but i think killing oneself ie, matam is not a tradition of Islam.You can condemn by fasting, praying following the message of Imam Hussain


    1. Brother Naved Khan, Matam is not killing one self but rather it is one of the way of expressing the pain of which we feel bcoz of the zulm and losing such a great personalities (who were the families of Holy Propeht [s.a.w].)

      it is same like when we loose some thing very important we start crying and wailing. Its same like weeping and beating our self as an when we loose our self control in immense pain of some sad news or event.


    2. This is a reply to your comment.
      It should not be U SHIAS, I do not know who you are; but, if u are Muslim, YOU TOO, should condemn. Have u heard of any body killing their Prophets’ progeny? I do not think the Christians,or the Jews did that, if you have heard, pls. ackowledge me.
      Second, NOBODY is dying in doing Matam. In fact, people do zanjeer and talwar and they never died.Fasting is haram on ashoora day,because the yazidis celebrated the death of Imam by rejoicing, and next year, they started fasting, which some sunnis do till today. Sunnis know now that what the truth was; they just do not want to admit, because they are ashamed, what they do not know that in the grave their will be questions and I do not know what they will reply, God help them and u too.


  2. Ruler is Hussain;Empror is Hussain;Faith is Hussain; guardian of faith is hussain.Offered his head and not the hand to yazid.Truly;the mirror of faith is Hussain


    1. Be shak.
      Shah hast Hussain, badshah hast Hussain; Dii hast Hussain, din panaa hast Hussain, sar daad na dar daste yazid,hakka ke binaa hast Husain
      Hussainiyat , Zindaabad.


  3. I am a musician and my Ustad’s family,are devout Shias.I grew up with them and Majlis and Maatam were a way of life.My being a Bengali Hindu Brahmin by birth was not in any way a deterrent in my allegiance to the Shia faith.Today ,my Guru,Ustad Munawar Ali Khansahib(son of the legendary Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khansahib)is no more but I feel his presence ever more when I atend Majlis and sing a Quawwali or Manquabat in the name of Maula.My salvation lies in music and my Ustad used to say” Your music will have ‘TAASEER’ on other people if you sing for Hussain”………It is my honour that I am part of such a great tradition.


  4. Matam and azadari is feeling of pain of suffering of Imam Hussain (A.S.) & his companions in Karbala.


    Arjumand Khan


  5. azadari and matam is the way of ripping of the veils off the faces of the hypocrites, if the Muslim masses see this azadari and don’t bother to find out why these people are doing what they are doing , i really feel sorry for them , they are so naive, trying to hide the cries of their heroes is not going to help them i the grave , and this azadari is a promise from ALLAH to Hussain(as) , ‘you keep my rememberence alive(true path) and ill keep urs alive till the day of resurrection.SURPRISES ME WHY PEOPLE OBJECT TO SOMEONE FEELING PAIN AND SORROW FOR MUHAMMAD(SAWS) AND HIS AHLULBAIT(AS)


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