QUESTION PUT TO IMAM :Ali ibn Husayn (658-713)

QUESTION PUT TO IMAM :Ali ibn Husayn (658-713)


IMAM REPLIED : ” The knowledge of ALLAH and the viligance of the PROPHET, besides ; these taking granted this world affairs as the most dangerous enemy of you. There are so many branches of it.

The first is the proudness and haughtness, due to which the dis obedience occured in action, what was the sin of the Iblees, the same pride in the presence of Allah, disobedience made him rejected.

The other thing is enviness , the sin of son of Adam, who killed his brother due to enviness. This creates many issues, love affairs of a women with a men, love of the worldly things, love and fondness of worldly pleasures and things, love of power and position to rule over and dictates orders to others, love af pleasure of luxury life, wealth, riches, power, property, partnership, all evils are included in one ;the enjoyment of life in any way and of any style. The pleasure of this world is the key to all evils. The world has two shapes , one is to blaming and devastating and the other is towards a happy journey end of life Hereafter.”
Hazrat Imam Mohammad Baqar (A.S) said that my father Imam Zainul Abideen (A.S) advised me to have a company of good man and be away from five men ; and do not talk much to people , and do not accompany with them during a travel . He asked who were those men to whom you pointed out . His father told him those were wretched sinners, inpious and transgressors people , be away from their company and their friendship. They are greedy and benefits seekers, selfish, troublesome to others. The others are miser men, do not meet with them. The third one is the lier, he will not say any thing truth to you, deceivers and put to you in wrong and under shades and clouds. The fourth one is the fool and innocent. He will be of no use to you ; but create troubles and put you in loss. The fifth one, cruel and ill treated men, who is the friend of Iblees and rejected by Allah in His


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