Shibli Numani, in his most celebrated work on the Seera

quote Shibli Numani, in his most celebrated work on the Seera of the
Prophet, Siratun Nabi ( v 1, p 219 and 220 )
Death of Khadija and of Abu Talib
( 10th Year of Revelation )

On return from the mountain, the Prophet had hardly passed a few days
in peace when Abu Talib and Khadija both died. He paid his last visit
to Abu Talib when he was dying. Abu Jahl and Abd Allah ibn Ummaya were
already there. The Prophet asked Abu Talib to recite the credo of
Islam, so that he might bear witness to his faith in the presence of
Allah. Abu Jahl and Ibn Umayya expostulated with Abu Taleb and asked
if he was going to turn away from the religion of Abd Al Muttalib. In
the end Abu Talib said that he was dying with is belief in the
religion of Abd Al Muttalib. Then he turned to the Prophet and said
that he would have recited the creed but he feared lest the Quraish
should accuse him of fear of death. The Prophet said that he would be
praying to Allah for him till He forbade (Bukhari on the Chapter of
Funeral. The last sentence has been taken from Muslim and not
Bukhari). This is the version of Bukhari and Muslim. Ibn Ishaq says
that while dying Abu Talib’s lips were in motion. al-Abbas who was
till then a nonbeliever, put his ear to his lips and then said to the

Prophet that he was reciting the KALIMA the Prophet had wanted of him.
( Ibn Hisham, Cairo Edition, p 146).

[ Please do bear in mind that all the references cited in the above
para are * NOT * my adition, and * NEITHER * are the block letters my
addition, they have been rendered by Shibli Numani himself ]

Then Shibli Numani further writes

But from a traditionist’s point of view this report of Al Bukhari is
not worthy taking as reliable because the last narrator is Musaiyyab
who embraced Islam after the fall of Mecca, and was not himself
present at the time of Abu Talib’s death. It is on this account that
al Aini in his commentary has remarked that this tradition is MURSAL
(Al Aini, Chapter Janaiz or Funeral, VOL IV, p 200 ).

Also he writes on page 221

Abu Talib made great sacrifices for the Prophet none can deny that. He
would even sacrifice his own children for his sake. For his sake he
had exposed himself to the odium of the whole country, and for his
sake he had passed years in state of siege, suffering starvation as an
exile, unprovided with food or drink. Will all this love, sacrifice
and devotion go unrewarded ?


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