Mullahs destroying Islam: Kalbe Sadiq


The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. SENIOR VICE-PRESIDENT of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) Dr Kalbe Sadiq today blasted the ‘Mullahs’ for destroying Islam. He said their ill-conceived fatwas (edict) had not only painted Islam in black hues but had also stopped its progress. Dr Sadiq assailed both Shia and Sunni ulema (clerics) for straying away from Quranic path.Dr Sadiq said Islam laid stress on ‘pen culture’ but Muslims had resorted to ‘gun culture’. Delivering lecture on ‘Islam versus Muslims’ on Sunday, Dr Sadiq said these Mullahs had tarnished the image of Islam in the past and the process was still continuing. He said they had issued ridiculous fatwas, which hampered the progress of the religion.

He said both Sunni and Shia clerics were responsible for present deplorable situation of Muslims. He squarely blamed the ulema for lack of unity in Muslims. Dr Sadiq said these clerics had been fighting among themselves but asking the community to unite. “It is absurd situation”, he said.

Pointing out that Islam was not responsible for the conduct of Muslims, Dr Sadiq said the community had strayed away from intellectual approach and justice. He said Islam did not allow unjust approach against any community.

Dr Sadiq reiterated that birth control was not anti-Islamic, as the religion had laid stress producing good generation and not on degeneration. Dr Sadiq said even though Islam did not permit abortion, it however had not asked the believers to produce child without having resources for his upkeep.

He also attacked Saudi Arabia King Abdullah for his corrupt way of life. He charged chief Mufti of mosque in Medina for resorting to all anti-Islamic activities. Dr Sadiq said history had enough examples that both Shia and Sunni monarch led anti-Islamic life.

He said there had been ulema who even issued fatwas against use of rifles in army or construction of steamship in Turkey. He said Shia ulema had been living lavish life, which was against the tenets of Islam.

Referring to Shia clerics of Lucknow, Dr Sadiq said their participation in luxurious marriages was against Islam. “It is religious crime on their part”, he pontificated and invited the ulema community to debate with him on issues raised by him.

Source: Hindustan Times.


22 thoughts on “Mullahs destroying Islam: Kalbe Sadiq”

    I am a post graduate student.I live in a small family financial position is not so good.please help me. thanks
    my address:
    U.P. INDIA (251308)


  2. Slamalaikum,
    I feel if Ittehad can be done after discussing the hardship on the fourteen infaliables, it is welcome. Otherwise it is a strategy to get cheap popularity.



  3. Dear Dr. Kalbe Sadiq,
    You are hundred percent true, the picture of Islam being spoiled by some of the so called leaders of Ummah. Now the time has come to ignore these self style leaders and be with educated, honest and genuine leaders / Maulana in the light of Quran and Sunnah and than only Islam will grow in right direction. Islam never says to kill innocent people in he name of Islam and Jehad.

    Dear Dr. Kalbe Sadiq, please keep it up both sect of Islam (Sunni & Shia) are with you.

    Khuda hafez


  4. salaam for all of our Shia N Sunni Bahi…

    Dr.Kalbe Sadiq Shaab is one of our best aalem … i love him alot and i learned alot from him..

    im from Afghanistan but im living in Islamabad – Pakistan.

    once a Year he visit Islamabad and me with my family alwyse go to his Majlis..

    Allah Dr.Shaab ko Labi Omer dy.. or Hame be DR.Shaab jesa Elm Ataa kari Ameen Ameen Ameen..

    Allah Hafize


  5. Dear Dr. Kalb e Sadiq,
    I have heard Dr. Kalb e Sadiq many times. I also want to participatein his mission. For this I need to know that If he has devised any Syllabus for the School kids and then to college and university level.
    If so I want to buy that course books and implement it in our schools.

    Best Regards,

    Syed Qaiser Abbas Rizvi
    VAS Engineer
    ZTE Pakistan Pvt. LTD.


  6. I have been trying to get emial ID of Dr. Kalb e Sadiq. If someone know please tell me. I want to get some piece of advice on Children Education in Pakistan. About the implementation and promotion of Such Course books that lead the next generations on the Natural path of life that is the Path of ISLAM.

    Best Regards,

    Syed Qaiser Abbas Rizvi
    VAS Engineer
    ZTE Pakistan Pvt. LTD.


  7. Very Right H,able Kalbe sadiq;

    Today’s islam is mullah’s invention and interpretation not the gist of real quran. In nutshell majority of muslims these days are not even good human being but claim to be “Momans”. Every thing goes against mullah will be nearest to islam. Do study Sir syed, Ghulam Ahmad Pervaiz, Allama Mashraqi… to whom ulema declared “kafirs”


  8. Dear Kalb e Sadiq.
    Wow You are doing great job, First you start the program of educating all the shias, You collected millions of dollars, established Unity schools and medical college, for the rich, (not poors), make lots of money from donation and keeping poor shias away, as they can’t pay the donations of 12 to 15 lakhs. So all the shias are educate (only rich).
    Then you started the program of shia sunni unity and last year prayed namaz e eid in sunni eidgah (aishbagh eidgah lucknow), all sunni and shia are united, by your action.
    Now as per your statment in Danik Jagran october 02, 2009, you planned the hindu muslim unity, and because of that you planned to take bath as per Hindu retiuals in Kumbh mela next year.
    Great job, keep it up, we are waiting to see your picture in Indian Newspapers in Dhoti and Tilak.
    Your son had already taken a step earlier marrying a hindu lady, the granddaughter of Khun Khun Jee.
    Well done khandan e Ijtehad.
    Syed Rizvi
    New Jersey, USA


    1. If what you say is true about the donations, this requires investigation by the members of Shia community , as well as a legal action if found to be true.

      By the way, I myself have come across zakereen on Mimbar making mistakes in narrating ahadees and revayat, they just want to say want you want hear thereby improving their audience numbers. I wish our Mujtahids put a stop to this once and for all; they should not be allowed on mimbers if the continue doing this.


    2. Mr. Sayed Rizvi best regards, I will advise you one thing that please do not understand a personality in a haste and the personality of Dr. Kalbey Sadiq saheb is in not unknown to anybody if you have any grudge you should contact him directly he will be pleased to answer you in a befitting manner, we are all humans and humans are to err please dont forget instead of blaming anybody one should check oneself first. May Allah guide us the right path.Amen


      1. Dear Husain
        SA, Try to be brave and follower of ALI (AS) and don’t hide your identity. You should write your full name and address, when responding.
        I know Dr. Kalbe Sadiq since 1/2 century, and he also know me well.
        Give me one reason, why, should I contact him, why not he. I know much more then you know about him, his family, his education and his children.
        He is deceiving the shias of Lucknow, India and the world. If you have any contact with him ask him ONE question, why his OLD FRIENDS left him.
        I want to open the EYES of the Shias and want to bring the Facts.
        WS & Mohtaj e Dua
        Syed Rizvi


  9. dr kalbe sadiq is a asset for muslim community.he is a great scholar and reformer and running many colleges and schools for the community.I have seen his unity mission school which is giving free education with all facilities to 2500 under priveleged and poor children.he is our spiritual hero and all comunities respect and love him


  10. Dr. Sahib Salaam,

    Believe me my family is a die hard fan of you and we are from Karachi where try not to miss any of your majlis Shah-e-Khurassan. Last night we were at Ameer Ali Patel’s house it was really good to see you live and my kids weer so happy that they even got a chance to shake hands with you. Maula Aap ko Salamat Rakhay aap ko ! Aameen.

    Dear Sir, I want to ask you a question is that can you please give me a brief detail as why The Shia perform Tawaf-un-Nissa. I would be very much grateful.

    Please sir help me in getting this answer as i searched the whole website but could’nt get the proper answer.

    Thank you,
    Was Salaam,
    Ramzan Ali,
    Karachi – Pakistan.


  11. Dear Kalb e Sadiq
    I want to challenge you knowledge about the scholar or great thinker “Arif Mohammad Khan”. To your update he is simply LLB from AMU Aligarh, If a simple LLB is a scholar there are few million LLB’s (Scholars) in India.
    Now how good thinker he is, You know very well, but you misguided the shias of Karachi. You know that he was minister of Awqaf in UP govt. under Charan sing minstry, and he resigned on the issue of shia sunni, while the shias got an upper hand on the Juloos issue, that was the reason of his resignation. Then he joined Indra congress and got elevated to the cabinet minster, because He gave a pro govt. statement on Shah Bano case, while all ulema including you was against that statement, then later on he was expelled from the party and tried different parties to win the election. Lastly he joined BJP (the hardline hindu Party) and even loose the election.
    Please sir don’t misguide shias while reciting majalis in Pakistan. I being an Indian, know very well how much UNITY you brought by joining the salaat e Eid with Sunnis.
    Regarding Mullahs, Are you not a Mullah or we don’t have Mullahs in shia sect was Mullah Kashani was not a Mullah.
    I hate to teach Kalb e Sadiq P.hd.
    Syed Rizvi


  12. Janaab qibla Kalb-e Sadiq Saheb.
    Salaam Alaikum.
    First of all my deepest apologies for using this forum for a purpose other than what it is meant for.
    I am writing to you as I have something to forward to you, but I have neither your E-mail address, nor any other.
    Kindly do me the favor by forwarding your E-mail contact .
    Thank you.
    Syed Zafar Kazmi


  13. salam un alaikum
    i praise your efforts n ask allah (swt) to give you good health and courage to fulfil your duties my opinion the
    time is over for every thing if you analyse day to day happenings all over the globe specially for muslims (shias) u will get the picture ver much clear.need of the time is to
    accountable oneself and choose the rightous path according to aimmas (a.s) and wait for the imam al asr (a.s) ajf. just prepare yourselves and provide guide lines to followers.allah (swt) knows better condition of the mind & hearts of the peoples allah o akbar


    hassan jaffer karachi-pakistan


  14. Dr. Kalb e Sadiq Sahab is an honorable man in words and deeds. He is a highly educated yet humble and simple person. Certainly, one can not please everyone all the time. I have great regard for him and wish him well. I do need his phone number and/or email address and will appreciate it if someone could please send it to me. Thanks.

    Syed and Nusrat Naqvi,
    Baton Rouge, Louisiana


  15. Salam Alaykum to our Scholar and all momineen,

    Surely its a sad day when such persons of shia belief have the audacity to scrupiliously attack a scholar of Ahlal Baith(AS) and follower of our living Imam. Shame on you who look down and bicker onto those who have devoted their lives in seeking knowledge of Allah and His purified households. Look into yourself of how impure you have become, being shia, due to your ill actions, words, and accusations. How dare you attack a scholar, whether it be Dr, Kalbe Sadiq or Ayatollah, without righteous knowledge and understanding. You are truly an ignorant and ill faith person, under the influence of shaitan! May God lead us onto the righteous path and shower our homes with the love of Ahlal Baith(AS). Ya Kareemo Ya Rab.Labaik Ya Imam!!

    Sayed(perspective shaheed, Inshallah)


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