The Miracle of the Qur’an poems

The Miracle of the Qur’an

Brothers and sisters, to increase your Iman
Read the Miracle – read the Qur’an
Recite it everyday and to recite it be proud
For the word ‘Qur’an’ means to recite aloud
And this is to know – for those who are keener:
Around 28 Surahs were revealed in Madinah
The Book from Allah – the Lord of the worlds
Over 6000 verses / 77,000 words
Read it with respect – notice the auras
Al-Fatiha to An-Nás – all 114 Surahs
In this Book, 25 Prophets are mentioned by name
Came at different times, but the message the same
The verses revealed over a 23 year span
Sent from Allah, through an angel to man
He gave us a message and this is Islam

So read the Miracle – read the Qur’an


The Holy Qur’an

I am a Book in elegant prints
To know my name, here are some hints:
Rich in cover and nicely bound
In hearts of Muslims I am rarely found
High on a shelf I am usually kept
Forgotten and neglected, I am left
With respect I do get lots of kiss
My main point is what they always miss
At times I am used for phoney swear
My true use though is very rare
A Miracle I am that can change the world
All one has to do is heed my word
I am your saviour, I am your guide
So come and take heed, come and abide
I have wisdom, I have treasure
So much so, there is no measure
Right from wrong is my fame
Holy Qur’an is my name


Women in Islam


How do women fit into Islam? What is their fate?

This has been the subject of many a debate

‘For both believing men and women, is a great reward’

This is from The Holy Qur’an – the Words of our Lord

It can be seen from reading The Holy Qur’an

That a woman to God, is equal to man

A woman is respected as a mother and wife

For nine long months, she carries new life

During childbirth, she is exempted to fast

Islam is against the burial of live girls in the past

They can pray at the Mosque or pray at home

They may marry or divorce – it’s their choice, their own

After marriage, she can retain her old maiden-name

And is rewarded for treating all her offspring the same

Once they are married, they should live pious lives

And the men are ordained to be good to their wives

Women in the UK, had property rights from 1938

This right was given by Islam, 14 centuries to date

In the UK, women could vote from 1918

This was given 1400 years ago in Islam – our Deen

Women can work and lead a happily married life

Without neglecting her role as mother and wife

For her child’s upbringing, she deserves her credit

Islam also gives a woman the right to inherit

Though some misinform with what they preach

The Holy Qur’an this does not teach

A woman’s status in Islam, we should never neglect

In Islam they are favoured and deserve their respect

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