Reliance School presents Ideals of Imam Hussain

Moulana S. M. Zaki Baqri of Canada
Delivered the Lecture

Bangalore: Karbala is one of the cities of Iraq where many people were killed at a religious gathering recently. Imam Hussain(Pbuh), the grandson of Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh), stood for the rights of humanity during the reign of Yazeed, who was a corrupt leader and wanted to enslave humanity. Imam Hussain outrightly rejected the demand for his allegiance. In order to show his strength, Yazeed gathered more than 30.000 troops against the Imam and his small army, on the 10th day of Muharram 61st Hijri (lunar calendar) about 1360 years ago. The slogan of the Imam was not to budge against the inhuman forces of Yazeed. The Imam’s mission was to make people realise the grave mistake they were doing following a corrupt leader like Yazeed. “Honourable death is better than a disgraceful life,” this was the slogan of Imam Hussain. The war between the two forces was on, and the result was obvious as the Imam had a small army of 72, and this army has been crushed by the forces of Yazeed. After the event of Karbala, the followers of the Imam gained power against Yazeed. Very soon, the reign of Yazeed was defeated. The message of the Imam is clear that one should not budge against the forces of falsehood although you may not be very powerful. This event has been commemorated all over the world during the time of Muharram. Reliance School, Bangalore also held such a gathering for the benefit of all humanity.


One thought on “Reliance School presents Ideals of Imam Hussain”

  1. May ALLAH (s.b.w.t) always keep our body and soul in the right path the path of Imam Hussain (a.s.) and their courageous companions. Ameen. Today we see an evil forces re-grouping with moderate devices trying to obsessed the respectable human soul and body from every corner and mean. In order to protect ourselves from such ugly forces, the direction given by Syed-us- Shuhdha Imam Hussian (a.s.) should meticously be followed.


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