What does one Muslim own another?

Imam Ja�far as-Sadiq (a.s.) when he told Mualla ibn Khunays: �

There are seven duties incumbent upon him. Should he neglect but one of them, he is not a friend or servant of Allah, and truly he has done nothing for the sake of Allah.

(a) Wish for your brother what you wish for yourself and wish that what you do not desire for yourself, should not befall your brother.

(b) Do not make your brother angry, but seek to please him and obey his wishes.

(c) Help him with your soul, your tongue, your hands and your feet

 (d) Be his eye to see by, his guide to lead him and his mirror.

e) Do not eat your fill when he is hungry, nor drink and clothe yourself when he is thirsty and naked.

(f) If he has no servant, but you do, it is incumbent on you to send your servant to him to wash his clothes, cook his food and spread out his mattress.

(g) Accept his promise and invitation, visit him when he is sick, attend his funeral, and see to his needs before he asks you, hurrying to do them if you can.

� Mohammad al-Musawi


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