In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficient, the Most Merciful

How Duas are Answered? {Time of Dua}

As-salamu alaikum wa Rahmatullahe wa Barakatahu

(Mail continued from previous mails, it’s a bit long, but comprehensive, completing the discussion on Time of Dua)


a. Friday and Friday night

b. On Wednesday between noon and afternoon
c. Time of night prayer 
d. The first one sixth of midnight.
e. One third of the last hours of night
About recommended prayer after midnight, Imam Sadeq (AS) says:
“Don’t let your eyes fully enjoy sleep, for eyes are the least thankful to Allah.” 

In this connection, the Holy Prophet of Islam has said: 

“When a true believer rises up to please Allah with the recommended prayer after midnight, while slumber has overpowered his eyes, Allah speaks proudly to His angels saying: Do you see this servant of mine who has risen up to perform the prayer which is not obligatory! Therefore I take you as witness that I have forgiven his sins .”

f. Grand Night (Leylatolqadr)
g. Ahya Nights (spending night awake)
There are four nights during which keeping vigil is recommended.  These nights are:  

  1. The first night of Rajab  
  2. The night of fifteenth of Sha-baan.  
  3. The night of E’edul Fitr  
  4. The night of E’edul D’uh’aa  

It is related that:  
It was surprising for Imam Ali (a.s.) to be idle on such nights and not to pray.”(meaning he would spend all night in Ebadat)

h.  Araf day  
It is a day for prayer (Dua) and asking one’s need.  Hence although observing fast is highly recommended if one becomes too ill to pray, it is better to pray and not fast.  
i.  When wind is blowing  
j.  When call to prayer is made (Azaan)  
k. When it is raining  
l.  When the first drop of a martyr’s blood is dripped.  

Zeid shahham has quoted Imam Sadeq (AS) as saying:

“Pray on four occasions: When the wind is blowing, at noon, when rain is falling, and when the first drop of a believer’s blood drips, for at such times the gates of heavens are opened.”  

Imam Sadeq (AS) also has said:  

“When noon arrives, the gates of heavens will be opened and great desires will be fulfilled.”  
The Imam was asked how long?  The Imam said: 
“During a time one can perform a four-rakat prayer with tranquility.”  

m.  From dawn to sunrise  
Abol Sabak Kanani quotes Imam Baqer (AS) as saying:

“Allah answers the call of those servants of His who often pray (Dua).  Therefore, pray at dawns until sunrise, for the gates of paradise are opened at this time.  Daily food is distributed at this time and great needs are met.” 

Reference :

Oddatul Daee (The Asset of the Supplicant), Hadees 78 to 83



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