he Hussaini Brahmin muharram2008

MUZAFFARPUR: On the tenth day of Muharram, the first month of Islamic calendar, Shia Muslims across the world spend the day in mourning to commemorate the 1327-year-old martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Hussain, his family and followers. Here on Sunday, a group of Hindus participated in the Muharram procession with equal veneration.

They claim their lineage to Hussaini Brahmin sect. And, from this year, they have revived their centuries-old tradition of shedding tears in the memory of the martyrs of Karbala — which their ancestors used to do. Mostly Bhumihars, the group marched barefoot from Bara Imambara in Brahampur locality here beating their chest and chanting “Ya Hussain”.

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10 thoughts on “he Hussaini Brahmin muharram2008”

  1. “Sajde se Karbala ko Bandagee mil gayi;
    Sabr se Ummat ko Zindagai mil gayi;
    Ek Chaman FATEMA (A.S.) ka ujda magar saare ISLAM ko Zindagi mil gayi.”

    this is the Great Sacrifice of our Imaam Hussain (A.S) The King of Kings as he is called by everyone and also mentioned by Khwaja Garib-un-Nawaz of Ajmer who is his Shia.
    Islam is not only a religion but a way of life, we must live Islam.


    1. Oh those are great lines Mukesh that you have written. I am a born Hindu Brahmin from Badrinath. I have been studying Islam since 1986 and was in Iran for 12 years and 3 years in Najaf. I am writing my memoirs about Islam especially the Shia version – the most vibrant, ever evolving and not succumbing to the tyranny. I think you should read one of the greatest works by an Iranian scholar Dr. Ali Shariati entitled FATIMA IS FATIMA.
      There is so much to write though, Insha Allah next time. Till then YA ALI! Namastubhyam Namo Namah!


  2. Dear Rakesh and others

    It is indeed a pleasure and proud to write to you. Yes, I can only say INSAAAN KO BEDAAR TO HO LENE DO, HER QAOM PUKAREGI HAMARE HAI HUSSAIN


  3. ALI HUSSAIN Advocate from Hyderabad, presently in Houston USA. I am impressed as well as grateful to you for creating this site to make humanity aware of deep love people of different cultures have towards Imam Hussain(AS). I have my own research about Hussaini Brahmins who happen to be the descendents of chandra gupta who indeed was a co-brother in law of Imam Hussain …shall narrate the details later. Suffice is to say that Hussain is the epitome of humanity till eternity….
    all the best , may Allah(SWT) reward you.
    Ali Hussain


  4. Ghulam-e-Fatah-e-Badr-o-Hunain Likh dena,
    Ya Soogwar-e-Shah-e-Mashraqain likh dena,
    Agar koi bhi Wassiat na mer i Yaad rahe,
    Mere Kafan pe Faqat “Ya Hussain” Likh dena.


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