Important characteristics of this Divine Guidance

The most important characteristics of this Divine Guidance are as follows.

• i. The Divine Books shall be in original form and shall be free from

mistakes and contradictions. The prophets and their successors responsible

for safeguarding the teachings of the prophets must be free from sins,

mistakes and misconduct.


• ii. There must be commonality in fundamentals of faith.


The Divine Books and Prophets shall complement each other by: a)

Prophesizing the arrival of new books and prophets and b) confirming the

historical events that took place earlier; such as revelation of previous

Books and miracles of previous prophets.





According to Islamic teachings Muslims are required to believe that the holy

scriptures were revealed by God to different Prophets for the Divine

Guidance. Among them the following books are most common:


  Torah (Torait): It was revealed to Prophet Moses for the guidance of

people of Israel.


  Bible was revealed to Prophet Jesus (Isa)


  Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad for the guidance of all people

regardless of their race and ethnicity.




Quran is the last Message revealed by God to Prophet Muhammad. It certified

that God selected Moses, Jesus and all the prophets from Adam to Muhammad.

Quran also certified that he revealed Bible and Torah to Jesus and Moses.

Quran also stated that Bible and Torah also confirmed that Quran will be

revealed to Prophet Muhammad and it will be the last Book of God. Quran was

revealed in Arabic; hence hundreds of millions of Muslims regardless of

their ethnicity and linguistic orientation recite and memorize Quran in

Arabic. Nowadays also there are hundreds of 5 to 6 year old non-Arab

Children who have memorized the whole Quran, consisting of 114 chapters. The

translation of Quran is available in all the languages of the world for

Providing a limited understanding of the concepts.


Some of the characteristics of Quran are as follows:


  Unique –


Quran being the living miracle and proof of the prophethood of Prophet

Muhammad is unique from the miracles of other Prophets because it is

Permanent and based upon knowledge and wisdom. The writing style of Quran is

Also entirely different than of human beings. As the Creator of the human

mind, God knows how to communicate well with human beings and when to do it

Directly and when indirectly. Another aspect of uniqueness of Quran is in

its choice of words. The number of certain words in Quran reflects their

nature. For example:


  The Arabic words for “world” (Duniya and “hereafter” (Akhirat) are

mentioned 115 times each to reflect equality of number of physical life and

Death. No person can escape death and die more than once.


• The words for water and earth are mentioned 32 and 13 times respectively.

This arrangement of words shows that water is 32/45= 71.11% of the world and

the earth is 13/45 =28.89% of the world.


Quran’s uniqueness is evident in the number of certain alphabets in certain

Chapters too. These alphabets were used in multiples of 19. Thus Quran has a

Built-in counterfeit prevention type coding system.


  Inimitable –

It dares you to disprove it. How? It says that humans cannot write a chapter

(Surah) or even a verse (Ayat) like this even if they pooled all their

resources together and got help also from the spirits. The Quran said this

fourteen hundred years ago and yet no one has been able to disprove it. So

far, many philosophers and writers have tried their best to meet this

challenge either to gain wealth and fame or to discredit Islam. However, no

one could succeed because it was God’s promise that He will protect the



  Incorruptible –

It is the only religious sacred writing that has been in circulation for

such a long time and yet remains as pure as it was in the beginning. The

Quran was kept intact. Nothing was added to it; nothing was changed in it;

and nothing was taken away from it ever since its revelation was completed

1400 years ago. God stated in Quran that had this book been written by human

beings, there would have been a lot of mistakes and contradictions in it.

(4:82 & 4:83).


  Unsurpassable –

The Quran is God’s final revelation to humankind. God revealed the Torah to

Moses, the Psalms to David, the Gospel to Jesus, and finally the Quran to

Muhammad. Peace be upon Moses, David, Jesus and Muhammad. No other book will

come from God to surpass His final revelation.


 Indisputable –

The Quran withstands the test of time and scrutiny. No one can dispute the

truth of this book. It speaks about past history and turns out right. It

speaks about the future in prophecies and it turns out right. It mentions

details of physical phenomena, which were not known to people at the time;

yet later scientific discoveries prove that the Quran was right all along.

For example, Quran described the facts about the three layers in a mother’s

womb per Chapter (Sura) 39’s 6 th sentence (Ayat) (Quran 39:6) and about the

stages of human birth in 22:5 and 40:67 etc. Every other book needs to be

revised to accord with modern knowledge. The Quran alone is never

contradicted by a newly discovered scientific fact.


  Divine Constitution for Life –

The Quran is the best guidebook on how to structure our life. No other book

presents such a comprehensive system involving all aspects of human life and

endeavor. The Quran also points out the way to secure everlasting peace,

success and happiness in this world and in the hereafter. It is the roadmap

showing how to get to Paradise.


  God’s Gift of Guidance –

God has not left all of us alone. We were made for a reason. God tells us

why He made us, what He demands from us and what He has in store for us. If

you operate a machine contrary to its manufacturer’s specification you will

ruin that machine. What about you? Do you have an owner’s manual and

Manufacturers’ Representative for yourself? The Quran and Prophet Muhammad’s

Holy Progeny are from your Maker. It is a gift for you to make sure you

function for success, lest you fail to function. It is a healing from God.

It satisfies the soul, and cleans the heart. It removes doubts and brings



  Your Calling Card to Communicate with your Lord –

Humans are social creatures. We love to communicate with other intelligent

life. The Quran tells us how to communicate with the source of all

intelligence and the source of all life-the One God. The Quran tells us who

God is, by what name we should address Him, and the way in which to

communicate with Him.



(Refer to Exhibit #2)


The interpretation and explanation of the Divine Books is the responsibility

of the Prophets to ensure its correct understanding. History records that

Prophet Muhammad who was considered “The Truthful” and “The Trustworthy”

even by his arch enemies, explained all of God’s orders stated in the Quran

clearly and completely. His infallibility, the capability not to commit sins

and mistakes and even not to forget, was instrumental in performing this

great task. This quality guarantees transmission of God’s Message in a pure

and undistorted form. Quran’s quotation of Jesus’ statements when he was

only a couple of days old, as stated in part 1 of this article is an example

of this kind of knowledge.


How can a person be infallible? It is a frequently asked question by people

like us for whom it is unthinkable not to commit sin. Infallibility is based

upon Divine Knowledge given to Divine Guides – all prophets and God-selected

successors of Prophet Muhammad. This Divine Knowledge makes them aware of

the consequence. The constant thought of their responsibility of

safeguarding God’s Message prevents them from committing sins, mistakes and

even forgetting on a voluntary basis. It is similar to our awareness of the

consequence of falling sleep behind the wheel regardless of susceptibility

to do so.


Another quality of Prophets and Divine Guides is to perform miracles

compatible with the tastes and trends of people of their era. It is for this

reason Moses was given the miracles that convinced the magicians of his

time, Jesus used to cure the patients and make the dead alive to convince

the people of his time who had some knowledge of medical science. Quran was

revealed to Prophet Muhammad to convince the people of all ages including

information age. Thus, in comparison to other miracles of Prophet Muhammad,

Quran is the eternal miracle and is compatible with the Prophethood of

Prophet Muhammad.




The relationship of Prophet Muhammad with his 12 successors on spiritual

level was synonymous to the relationship of Moses with his 12 descendants

and the relationship of Jesus with his 12 disciples. According to the

explanation of Quran provided by Prophet Muhammad, there are prophesies in

Torah and Bible about them. All of them with the exception of Imam Mehdi,

the last one were martyred. (Refer to Exhibit # 3


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