Ayatullah Behjat and 3 Spiritual Advices

Ayatullah Behjat on ‘The Value of Contemplation and Thought

Agha Shahi remarks:
“Ayatullah Behjat is constantly stressing the importance of controlling one’s tongue and maintaining silence.
He would say, “We must control our speech. We should spend 23 hours of the day in contemplation and thought, and only one hour in speech; in fact, often even that is too much.’

Being in a State of Constant Dhikr


Ayatullah Behjat often advises his students to inculcate the habit of being da’im al-dhikr, i.e. remaining in constant remembrance of Allah swt.
He has said, “Someone who is constantly in dhikr, will always perceive himself in the presence of Allah swt and will be continuously communicating with Him.”

For those who want to combat waswasa, (constant suspicion of the motives of others), he recommends highly to continually recite the “tahlil”, which is the dhikr, “La Ilaha Illallah”.
Another great contemporary scholar, Ayt. Hasan Hasanzadeh Amuli has remarked that tahlil is al-dhikr-al-khafi (secret dhikr); i.e. it can be constantly repeated without anyone else being aware of what you are doing, because this dhikr can be pronounced without even moving the lips, unlike other dhikrs like “Subhanallah” or Alhamdulillah”!

Ayatullah Behjat on ‘The Secret of Salaat’

Ayat Behjat has said:
“Namaz (Salaat) symbolizes the Ka’ba.

The Takbirarut’l Ihram stands for casting aside everything other than Allah swt and entering His haram (sanctuary). 

The Qiyam represents a conversation between two friends

The Ruku’ symbolizes the bowing of a slave in front of his master and

the Sajdah is the ultimate display of lowliness, humility and helplessness in front of the Master. 

And when the slave returns from such a Namaz, the souvenir he brings back is the greeting of peace (salaam) from his Lord…”


4 thoughts on “Ayatullah Behjat and 3 Spiritual Advices”

  1. Ayatullah taqi behjat was a great spiritual leader.. He was blessed with the special favours from ALLAH .. Must see his video on you tube THE NOBLE ONE.. one of the blessing of Allah to him was that he could see behind his face and when ever he wants he could free his soul from his body… Ayatullah Behjat was the student of Graet Ayatullah Sayyid Qazi Tabatabi.. Ayatullah Behjat used to cry a lot while leading the prayers.. HE used to spend 12 hours in a worship to Allah.. HE had a special love for Prophrt Muhammad(S) and Hia Family (A)..


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