Prophet’s marriage (PBUH&HP) with Lady Khadijah (PBUH)

Prophet’s marriage (PBUH&HP) with Lady Khadijah (PBUH)

As mentioned in the previous part, Lady Khadijah (PBUH) was one of the wealthiest merchants of Quraish. She dispatched some men to different cities to trade; afterwards, she would get her share from the profit of their business.

When Lady Khadijah (PBUH) was informed of Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH&HP) truthfulness, moral virtues, and his trustworthiness (as he was well-known for), she offered him to go to Syria for trade.  She also gave him a larger share than the rest men.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP) accepted this offer and left for Syria; he was being accompanied with Meysara, Lady Khadijah’s (PBUH) special servant.

When they arrived in Syria, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP) came down in the shadow of a tree near a monastery. A monk asked Meysara: “Who is the man under that tree?” Meysara replied:” He is of Quraish tribe and from Mecca.” The monk said: “I swear to Allah that he is no one except a Prophet.”

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP) sold what he had brought; he bought some other material and then returned to Mecca. In this journey, all businessmen made profit, especially Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP) who made more than others. Once they returned, Lady Khadijah (PBUH) asked Meysara about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP); he said that whatever he did was orderly, logical and wise. He also narrated the happenings throughout the journey and said: “When one of the traders asked him to swear to Laat and Ozza, the two famous idols in Mecca, he refused to do that and said: ‘To me, nothing is inferior to Lat and Ozza.'”

Once Lady Khadijah (PBUH) became aware of these incidents, she sent a messenger to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP) to express her proposal for marriage.  She wanted to marry him because of his dignity amongst family, truthfulness, moral virtues, and trustworthiness.

Once Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP) was informed of this issue, he sent his uncles to house of Lady Khadijah (PBUH) to propose for her hand in marriage.  In the proposal session, Abu Talib, the Prophet’s uncle, praised Allah (SWT) and then spoke of the virtues of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP). He proposed marriage on behalf of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP) to Lady Khadijah (PBUH).  Lady Khadijah (PBUH) accepted the proposal and got married to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP).  At that time, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP) was twenty-five years old, and according to some narrators Lady Khadijah (PBUH) was 40.  Other narrators, however, record that Lady Khadijah (PBUH) was younger.



This article is a continuation of the article about “The Birth of the Prophet (PBUH&HP).” It includes important events and stages of the Prophet of Islam’s (PBUH&HP) life. In this article we will briefly mention the following subjects:



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  1. Salamalikum,

    Regarding the breastfeeding event by Maid Halima,please provide reference that this event is wrong because when Janabe Moosa A.S.cannot accept milk from any common lady other than his own mother, then how come Fakhre Moosa can do so.

    Please provide some reference regarding ummulmomenin janabe khadeeja’s marital status at the time she married Prophet Mohammad S.A.W. As per my believe she was not widow, but i am not geting any documentary prove to support my believe. I will be greatful if you could.



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