Hujjatul Islam Farqalita Ali Husaini Defending azadari

Moulana Syed Faraleeta Ali Hussaini based at Chicago,IL in the US has been doing a commendable job in the fields of azadari,literature,ittehad(unity) and spread his noble works to people from different walks of life.


2 thoughts on “Hujjatul Islam Farqalita Ali Husaini Defending azadari”

  1. The absolute worst speaker i have heard in a long time. No aim besides fitna and disunity amongst muslims. In his exact words from mimbar-e-rasool: “Whoever doesn’t believe in zanjeerzani is a kuttay ka bacha” (Astigfirullah). Does he not know there’s marajas and other religious scholars who have a different opinion? Is he calling them that? Is this supposed to be a religious scholar? What happens to kids who hear this? They will think it’s ok to hate someone or curse someone based on their difference of opinion. Laanat on him and his mission to divide our muslim brothers and cause disunity. Beshummarrrr!

    A Concerned brother from Houston.


  2. Please brothers and sisters, avoid calling speakers like this because they have no credibility nor common sense. We deserve better for us, our elders, our young ones and our community. Labaik-a-ya hussain!!!!


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