Seminar at Hotel Taj Mumbai ,Unity, Love and Tolerance – Islamic Perspective’

Unity, Love and Tolerance – Islamic Perspective”

(A Report prepared by Syed Mohammad Masoom who attended this seminar on 29th June 2008 At Hotel Taj Mumbai, India)

On the auspicious occasion of the blessed Birth anniversary of Sayeda Fatima Zahra(s.a), A seminar on unity, Love and tolerance was held at Taj Hotel Mumbai India on 29th June 2008, where many Muslim leaders of all the sects from Egypt, Iraq, Bahrain, Libiya, Syria, Iran and Afghanistan and from different part of the India participated and shared their views.


Some participants were Chief guest Dr Mohamed Shahumi, an advisor to Col Gaddafi and a former chief of National Oil Company of Libya, H.E. NABILA SALAMA – Consul General of Egypt in Mumbai , Mr Ali Momamadali ,THE CONSULATE GENERAL OF THE ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN , Mr. Meer safeer reham(first sec, consul Afghanistan,Dr Mohammad Abu Khizam from libia,Dr. Mohamad said al tourahi (Dir Kufa academy), Mr.syed mohammad masoom (AQY, Islamic unity) and Maulana zeeshan abidi (adviser AQY),and so many Muslim leaders and ulema like Hujjatul islam shaikh nasiri saheb(nayab ayatullah sistani), Shaykh Shabani saheb, maulana zaheer abbas saheb ect


The seminar was organized by Scientific Council of Alsadah Alashraf

in association with All india ulema association.

The Aim of this seminar is‘ to spread the message of Prophet Mohammed on peace and tolerace,strengthening unity in the Muslim world.” said Sami Bubere, convenor of the conference.

First seminaries discussed about greatness of Bibi Fatima (RA) who was the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) She was welcomed into this world by her warm and affectionate parents, Prophet Muhammad(s.a.w) and Khadijat-ul-Kubra(r.a), on the 20th of the month of  Jumada


Bibi Fatima (RA) had charming and flawless features and resembled very much her venerable father. Her character and bearing were simply superb. Bibi Ayesha (RA) relates that nobody else resembled Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) in manners and conduct as much as Bibi Fatima (RA). He was an affectionate father and Bibi Fatima (RA), was dearer to him than life. His famous Hadith: ” Fatima is apart of me, and whoever annoys her (in fact) annoys me,” stands as a firm testimony to this fact. History is a witness that he used to stand up to greet his daughter.


She had been a model for our daily lives, fighting injustice and oppression and standing on the side of truth.



Chief guest Dr Mohamed Shahumi, an advisor to Col Gaddafi and a former chief of National Oil Company of Libya, said ”People are trying to give a political colour to the events related to terror and are defaming Islam.” Different sects of Islam must come together to foil the design of these vested interest groups, he said while addressing to the seminaries. Dr Shahumi pointed out that Islam talks about humanity but after the 9/11 incident, people have been trying to take political mileage by linking religion with an act of terrorism. ”Islam does not support terrorism,’



Muslim Leaders expressed that “terrorism should be condemned in all its forms, and those who make accusations (against the whole community) should study more on Islam and cause of the terrorism if the actual accused is not caught, then some innocent would get hanged. All of us belonging to the same community should come together to fight against terrorism


They also said we want to spread the message to entire world that Muslims and Islam have no links with terrorism. And we want to give this message to the Center that if any Muslim is arrested in any terror activity then he should be treated just as a criminal and should not be linked with Islam to defame Muslims.


Some seminaries expressed that extremist groups in the Islamic world are also working to create discord and differences among Muslims,so we have to exercise vigilance in order to confront their plots.They also expressed that Unity is the key to all problems as well as security, peace and stability worldwide.


Muslim scholars also remind all Muslims that:

Whosoever is an adherent of one of the four Sunni Schools of Jurisprudence (Hanafi, Maliki, Shafiâi and Hanbali), the Jaâfari (Shiâi) School of Jurisprudence, the Zaydi School of Jurisprudence, the Ibadi School of Jurisprudence, or the Thahiri School, or any other recognized school of Jurisprudence, is a Muslim.

It is not possible to declare as apostates any group of Muslims who believes in Allah the Mighty and Sublime and Allahâs Messenger (may Peace and Blessings be upon him) and respects the pillars of Islam.

There exists more in common between the various Schools of Jurisprudence than there is difference. The adherents to the eight Schools of Jurisprudence are in agreement as regards the basic Islamic principles. All are in agreement about the five pillars of Islam. All are also in agreement about the foundations of belief. Acknowledging the diversity of Schools of Jurisprudence and affirming discussion and engagement between them ensures fairness, moderation, mutual forgiveness, compassion, and only by engaging in dialogue with our fellow Muslims can we advance our understanding of our faith.

Humility, modesty, control of passions and desires, truthfulness, integrity, patience, steadfastness, Peace,tolerance and fulfilling one’s promises are moral values that are emphasized again and again in the Qur’an


We Muslims strongly believe in Imam Ali(a.s) – successor to the Holy Prophet’s saying that ”“Man is either your brother in religion or your brother in humanity”


They all unanimously passed the resolution


The Unity among Muslims a necessity that we must abide by it and do not deviate from its discipline.


To work towards the spread of compassion, love, peace among all the religious sects and beliefs and a call for dialogue and co existence.


No Muslim should entertain tendencies to attack the values of other sects.


A call for the Islam by wisdom and good sermons, and to condemn any attempts to impose believe by coercion and violence.


To preservation of Islamic sights and monuments specially in Harmain sharifan and to restore what have been destroyed and rebuild their graves and maqaams of al Baqi (Madina)



We should not forget “The policy of divide and rule among followers of faiths and ethnic groups is an old policy of enemies and they are very expert in pursuing that policy.

Shia Sunni ulema Reciting Namaz Together.

Don’t defame Islam.


(Alqaem youth India)



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