Addiction treatments and Islam

Alcohol And Drug  addiction treatment and Islam

Believers, wine, gambling, the stone altars and arrows (that the pagans associate with certain divine characters) are all abominable acts associated with satanic activities. Avoid them so that you may have everlasting happiness (5:90). Satan wants to induce hostility and hatred among you through wine and gambling and to prevent you from remembering God and prayer. Will you then avoid such things? (5:91) al-ma’idah

Obey God and the Messenger and be cautious (of the harmful things).

Dr Charles Richet, Paris – Nobel Prize Winner of Physiology said:  Alcohol paralyses the senses, makes one lurch and vomit, and it soon overcomes the strongest man, and turns him into a raging beast who with empurpled face and bloodshot eyes, bellows forth oaths and threats against his surroundings and insults imaginary enemies. Never in any animal species, not among pigs, nor jackals, nor donkeys, is such ignominy to be found.

The use of alcohol and other drugs is considered a “major sin. “ in Islam  Muslims are required to stay away from khamr as it is considered the mother of all evils.  Islam prohibits the use of intoxicants and makes it unlawful to sell grapes to someone who will make wine from them, if there is any doubt, the transaction is forbidden. Also forbidden of intoxicants are selling, transporting, buying, giving or making of intoxicants.

(Muhammad), they ask you about wine and gambling. Tell them that there is great sin in them. Although they have benefits for men, the sin therein is far greater than the benefit. Al Baqarah 2:219

lslam stops the wrong at the inception and not at the end and provides clear direction for every aspect of live and for every aspect of the treatment of addiction.

Drug and alcohol problems can affect every one of us regardless of age, sex, and race, and marital status, place of residence, income level, or lifestyle. You can get help for yourself or for a friend or loved one from a Muslim counselor, Imam, friend or family member. For additional help, you can check out national, State, and local organizations, addiction treatment centers, referral centers, and hotlines throughout the country.

Treatment of addictions is considered medical treatment. There are various kinds of treatment services and rehab centers. For example, some may involve outpatient counseling, while others may be three- to five-week-long inpatient programs.
While you may be hesitant to seek help, know that treatment programs offer organized and structured services with individual, group, and family therapy for people with alcohol and drug abuse problems.

The treatment specialist/therapist does not necessarily have to be Muslim to provide this treatment, but an understanding of the philosophical underpinnings of treatment is invaluable. Islam does not discourage the use of outside resources, such as counseling or rehabilitation. Always remember Impacts of addiction can also be Stroke, Cardiovascular disease, Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C, Lung disease, Obesity, Mental disorders, Long term Brain Damage, distorted vision, impaired judgment, vitamin deficiencies, sexual impotence,

Islam does not “shame” its believers when they come for treatment. It is our understanding that Allah forgives and that we, as humans, have the responsibility to support and assist in recovery whenever possible. It is also the belief of Islam that full adherence to the religious principals of Islam with the support of the Muslim community will provide not only a drug free lifestyle but also recovery.

we should pay more attention to the needs of the victim by the education of the masses, social workers, law enforcements agencies and the physicians at the same time developing treatment and Drug rehab centers and Alcohol Rehab Center in large scale as human sufferings continues to grow and son, daughters, husbands and fathers are being lost daily. All these require motivation and commitment from all of us. It is beyond the dignity of a human being to become dependent on alcohol and drugs and not be able to serve himself, his family and his creator in the best possible manner

lslam stops the wrong at the inception and not at the end and makes equal laws for both children and parents by prohibiting completely.

“Say: My servants, who have transgressed against their soul, despair not of the mercy of God; for God forgives all sins; for He is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.”(53/39)