Birthday of Imam ALQAAEM ALMAHDI (AJ)

The Analytical history of ImamMehdi (AJ) From his birth to the success (Audio)

My beloved sons and daughters, Brothers and sisters, salaam Alaykum,

  • As the dawn of 15th SHA’BAAN rises this Sunday (or Monday), and those who love the 12th Imam (AJ) from their hearts prepare their children, their family, their friends and their beloved ones for the celebrations and the gatherings of happiness and joy for this great day, the birthday of our beloved Imam AL-QAAEM, AL-MAHDI , AL-MUNTAZAR the awaited one for every oppressed human not just Shias or Muslims, the one will come with Jesus (AS) and work together to defeat the DAJAAL or the anti Christ who is the anti MAHDI as well.
  • We must not forget on this day to offer our pledge of support, our pledge of allegiance to him , that insha Allah we will support him now and after he appears with whatever we can be it our knowledge, wealth or our time which is the least we could offer him.
  • Please mention this least servant of ALQAAEM (AJ) in your duas, our great MARAJE the representatives of our beloved Imam (AJ), and also our innocent beloved ones who are butchered like animals in Pakistan , Iraq and other places around the world by the followers of YAZEED and Pharaoh or the DAJAAL who has appeared and can be seen by clean hearts and not with eyes.
  • To know more listen to :
  • And with the coming of this dawn , let us all raise our hands to our merciful lord to bestow upon us the dawn of the true peace , justice and happiness with the coming of the Imam ALQAAEM ALMAHDI (AJ), the dawn of relief from the darkness of every type of injustice of pharaoh, DAJAAL and YAZEED which is spreading all around the world against the Shias, against the Muslims and against every peaceful human being .
  • Many mystic scholars have indicated that the appearance is soon; in fact some said that we are in the era of appearance, therefore all those who love him should prepare them self by:

1. Self improvement and Islamic education

2. Unity in between us (our differences are test for us and will exist until he comes so learn to live with it)

3. Start working for him from now, and let everyone surrounding you know about him for he is with us like the sun behind the clouds.

On this auspicious day, my favorite EID day, I offer my sincere and special greetings to all those who love our beloved 12th Imam (AJ) and work for his coming, asking the Almighty (swt) to keep you all always happy in this life under the flag of the awaited one, and in the hereafter through his intercession (ameen).

I say to all of u: Congratulations, MABROOK, EID MOBARAK , KOLLO AAM WA ANTOM BEKHAYR, and Happy 15th Shabaan.

The least Safdar Razi
Safdar Razi Ali
The Director and The Instructor of
Advanced Islamic Studies in Islamic Law and Theology


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