Who are Terriorists in the eyes of Islam?

Who are Terriorist in the eyes of Islam?

Since long i am reading here and there that muslims are related to terriorism. First Question comes in our mind who are muslims and what is terriorism?

Muslims are those who follow Holy Quran and Teachings of Holy Prophet Mohammad (s.a.w) who (s.a.w.) was mercy for the entire universe. majority of muslims like shia, sunni, sufi falls more or less  in this category.

Some so called extreamist muslims have political agendas and want to impose their version of Islam not only in Muslim states, but also throughout the world; take support of terriorism.

Sufism,shism on the other hand, stresses self-purification and has little or no political dimension. So, it is a moderate movement and cannot pose any serious security or political threat to the world.

Holy Quran said very clearly: there is no compulsion is islam and those who do not follow this rules called terriorist in the eyes of Islam.

This story of terriorism in islam in not new… 

Yazeed ibn Mu’aawiyah ibn Abi Sufyaan ibn Harb ibn Umayaah al-Umawi al-Dimashqi was a king, His reign began with the killing of the martyr al-Husayn (Son in law of muslims Holy Prophet (s.a.w) and it ended with the battle of al-Harrah, so the people hated him and he was not blessed with a long life. There were many revolts against him after al-Husayn (Son in law of muslims Holy Prophet (s.a.w) , such as the people of Madeenah who revolted for the sake of Allaah, and Ibn al-Zubayr. (Siyar A’laam al-Nubalaa’, part 4, p. 38)

yazeed was an example of terrirism and extreamist and in the eyes of majorty of muslims was near to kufer. on the other hand Imam Husain (a.s) was the son in law of Holy prophet(s.a.w) and was on right path as per complete muslim umma..

All the religion in this world are against terriorism. I would urge the media and all thinking segments of our population not to link terror with any one particular religion. Terrorists have no religion, regardless of their religion we have to deal wholly and effectively with terrorism.

Terriorism is a political movement and need to be condemned in the strongest possible terms. when someone slaughter innocent people for a political cause , the political cause becomes immoral and injust and all the religion in this world condemn this immoral and injust act.

Every Religion in this world teach us Peace , honesty and brotherhood…..This is the only truth…….



3 thoughts on “Who are Terriorists in the eyes of Islam?”

  1. A good try on your part. Dear brother you should do your homework before embarking on writing for others to read. Imam Hussain (a.s) was not the son-in-law of Prophet Mohammad (p.b.u.h) he was the grandson and hier of the prophet, Imam Ali (a.s.) was the son-in-law, hier, and cousin the son of the guardian of Prophet.


  2. Terrorism did not started with Yazeed but much before, when the Khilafat was usurped by Saqeefa and when they used sword to spread Islam much against the islamic tenets preached by Prophet and this is just the continuation and modernization of it.You got to read islamic history books.I didnot mean to put you down but you got to know what you are writing so as to answer any critic who questions your knowledge of the events.


  3. This is a good effort on your part, Congrats. keep up the good work.

    One suggestion, there were plenty of spelling mistakes and historical mistakes too. Imam Hussain was the Grandson of the Holy Prophet not the Son-in-law and it was battle of Karbala not the battle of Harrah.You should do the homework before you embark on any work.

    Imam Ali was the son-in-law and cousin of the Holy Prophet who was the hier and Caliph and Imam of the Ummah after the Holy Prophet, where Prophet from the beginning ( Daawat-e-Zul Asheera where he invited people of Meccah and disclosed the message of one God-Allah,and after revealing this, he asked whosoever bear witness to this at this very moment and will stand by me in good and bad times-which will be more, and help me in spreading this message by his words and deeds will be my hier and viceregene) by his narration and actions and through the word of Qoran made the Ummah understand this through out his entire life and finally just a month before his death on coming from the last and only Haj he performed he revealed the Gods last revelation and put a stamp at a place called Ghadeer “which is evident from the Ayat in Soora-e-mayeda and other soora’s in Holy Qoran -” Ya Ayyuhar rusul Balligh ma unzila ilaika mirrabbic, waillam taffal fama Ballaghta Risalata” and ends with this ayat “Al yauma akmaltu lakum deenakum wa atmamtu alaikum neamati wa razeetu lakum islam-a-deena” which means O prophet reveal upon the ummah what has already been revealed to you by your lord if you dont reveal this you have never fulfilled your duties of the prophethood , God will protect you from the ill motives of the people which the Prophet did and all those present listened and saw this and were asked to pass on to those who were not present, where Prophet asked those were present that didnt he reveal everything which has been revealed on to him to be revealed and do not I hold more power over your own self and when every one said yes, then he picked up Ali and showed and revealed this ” mun kunta maula hoo fa haza Aliyun maula” which means whosoever I am the master this Ali is his master, after this all those present rough estiamte is 125,000 people(the most common figure)on record, bore allegiance to Imam Ali and congratulated him. But soon after the death of prophet they forgot all which had been told to them just before a month and gathered at Saqeefa bani saad and elected one among them for a holy position which is from God, so forgetting what was revealed and told and even the oath of allegiance they did this about turn, this was the first act of Terrorism in Islam and later things continued and the Zenith of that act of terrorism was the battle of Karbala, and its still continuing and will continue till then when people will turn back to Qoran in its truest sence and follow Prophets last instruction which was never written by the so called followers, where Prophet on his death bed asked people to get him pen and something to write on which was for the Ummahs benefit which said “Inni Taarikum feekumus saqalain Kitaballahi wa itrati ahlabaiti, maa in tammasaktum lantazillu baadi hatta yarida anil houz” which means I am leaving behind among you two invaluable things one is the Holy book of Allah and my family-progene, if you hold them tight-means if you keep following both you will never go astray until you reach me at houze kausar” but the so called leaders never allowed this to happen which was the rebellous act they performed and went to elect kalipha of their own, and going astray and facing the “zillat”.


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