Philosophy of Azadari -Ayatullah sistani


What is the philosophy of Azadari (mourning and lamentation) for Imam Husain? Ayatullah sistani


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There is no doubt that the tragedy of Kerbala, when ascribed to the killers, is a criminal and terrible act. However when ascribed to Husain (A) himself, it represents a conscious confrontation and a courageous resistance for a sacred cause. The whole nation had failed to stand up to Yazid. They had succumbed to his will, and deviation and regression towards the pre-Islamic ways were increasing.

Passiveness by Husain (A) in this situation would have meant the end of Islam as we know it. Thus Husain (A) took upon himself the responsibility of the whole nation. The greatest tragedy was that one who stood up for the noblest of causes, the defense of Islam, was cut down in so cruel a manner.

It is for this reason that the sacrifice of Husain (A) is commemorated annually throughout the Muslim world. Our sorrow never abates as we relive the tragedy.

The commemoration of Ashura on the 10th of Muharram every year serves to remind us of the sacrifices of the family of the Prophet (S). It also makes us aware of the people, then and now, who tried to destroy Islam and the family of the Prophet (pbuh) and all that they stood for – as well as those who watched, listened and did nothing.



13 thoughts on “Philosophy of Azadari -Ayatullah sistani”

  1. sallam
    i search your web and i like this system. I want some question to sistani sahab about the witness of imam ali as in tashhud. In Pakistan this is very hard question so tell me can i read the witness of imam ali as in tashhud. Second qustion of mine is that in Pakistan talbans are move in all over country and they higeck the pakistan in future so what the shia of pakistan do in this situation.
    Muhammad Baquir


    1. well my brother this is asad from melbourne but originally from karachi No one can come and seize our country our govt is not strong they are getting it done but dont worry they cant do anything mola is with us …



  2. my sister in law is married for twelve years .Her husband is living a sinful life of gay and has homoexual relation with his friends and has no sexual relations with my sisterinlaw since last twelve years. kindly reply what should she do according to sharia and whether her marriage still exist or not.she also want to take khula, kindly reply as soon as possible.thanks.


  3. assallamualikum,, im posting my question frm hydarabad and my q? is regarding ROZA?
    my sister’s husband can not able to keep fast during whole month of ramazan,,,,,because where he goes for his job its too far from the city ,,,and he needs to go village for his job from the city and the atmosphere over there is all hindus… none of them are muslim except him…and jab tak wo job se wapas hote hai tab unhe raste mein he roze ka time hojata hai…he gets time to fast on sunday’s but he never kept fast tou khete hai kabhi roza nahi raha tou ek din kyun ???? raho tou pure roza ya phir ek bhi nahi ,,,,,tou iske liye kuffara ke alawa kuch aur b tarika hai is masle ka ??? because fasting is WAJIB on every one,,,,,,just because the distence he gets between tha city and village he cant able to fast….. tou kya karna chahiye iska ????? unhe koi bimari nahi hai he is all fit and fine…..plz ans me soon

    plz jawab mujhe aap meri e-mail id per send karsakte hai… SHUKRIYA


  4. Salam,
    May Allah bless Ayat.Sistani with a sound health for the guidance of muslim ummah.
    My question- his opinion regarding waliye-faqi and Rehbare ayatullah khamenei and what if we all unitedly comply with one e.g ayat.khamenei !
    Pl reply


  5. salam alaikum, mai sistani sahab se ye janna chahta hu ki mere city me koi shia maszid nahi hai kya mai sunni ki maszid me unke sath unke tarike se juma padh sakta hu.


  6. salam alaikum, mujhe gibat ke bere me puri detail samjhani hai , kya kisi ke bare me uske samne na rahne per bat kar lena hi gibat hai ya masumin ke nazariye me gibat ki difnition kuch aur hai please clear kar degie.


  7. salam alaikum, i just want to know if a husband is very violent and beats his wife very badly like banging her head half a dozen times against wall and throwing things at her. Is it allowed in islam and is the wife right in leaving him in such circumstances. And is the husbands family right in encouraging this sort of behaviour and also is husbands family permitted to make the girl severe all ties with her family. Khudahafiz


  8. Salaam…!
    I really want to appreciate this site because its very usefull for specially youth like us.I have lots of questions to ask.
    Please send me new posts on my email address.
    Thank you so much.


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