Israeli attack on Gaza 2009

The Alqaem Youth India team strongly condemns the on-going massacre of Palestinian civilians perpetrated by the Israeli forces. In this time of difficulty we pray to Allah for unity in the Muslim community, justice to be done, and patience to deal with this unfolding tragedy.

Condemnations from Across all Religions  

Jewish Scholars  Speech delivered by Anti Zionist Orthodox Jews at the “Emergency Protest to Stop the Massacre in Gaza” rally, Rockefeller Center, New York City, December 27, 2008, and again at a Protest in London on December 28, 2008 

Judaism forbids and rejects Zionism and the existence of the State of “Israel”. We have been expressly commanded by the Almighty that we are forbidden to have our own sovereignty in this heavenly decreed exile, we are also forbidden to rebel against any nation. Torah believing Jews, under the leadership of the most esteemed rabbis of the 20th century have always opposed and fought against Zionism and ultimately the State of “Israel”.

   Christian Scholars

 Jerusalem bishop ‘grieved’ by Gaza crisis by Jennifer Gold – December 31, 2008

 The Rt Rev Suheil S Dawani said in a statement that his diocese was “stunned and saddened” as well as “grieved by the severity” of the ongoing military operations in Gaza. 

  • NZ priest smears blood on Rabin memorial

 Father Gerard Burn, sprinkled red paint, mixed with a drop of his own blood, on the monument to mark the killing of hundreds of Palestinians and the seizure of their land.

 Muslim Scholars

 Ayatullah Sistani’s Fatwa on Gaza – 28 December 2008 (translated by Juan Cole)

 Mere verbal expressions of condemnation and disapproval of what is being done to our Palestinian brethren in Gaza, and of solidarity with them, mean nothing before the immensity of this horrific tragedy to which they are being subjected.

 Statement of Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei on 28 December 2008

Islamic Revolution Leader Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei issued a statement Sunday on the horrendous tragedy of Gaza bloodbath in the hand of the Zionists, strongly condemning the heinous complicity of the criminal Bush’s regime with the Zionists, adding that the silence of some international bodies and some Arab states provided for the crimes.

 Condemnation from the International Community


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