The famous marsiya recited in Arabic

The famous marsiya recited by Janaab e Umm Kulsoom(s.a) in arabic is reproduced with English translations, its a classic work which stands out on its own.

Courtesy by: Ali Rizvi

Madinate Jadena La Taqbelenaa Fayal Hasaraate Wal Ahzaan-e-Jaienaa

O Madina of our grand-father!, let us not be accepted,
For we have come back, being aggrieved and afflicted.

Alaa Akbiro Rasool Allahe Fiyona Be anna qad fujaina Fi Abinaa

And tell about us, the Holy Prophet, our grand-father,
That we were shocked for the loss of our father.

Wa Inna Rijalana Bitafe Sar’aa Bila Roase Waqad wa majolenaa

Tell him that at Taf, our house-folks were slaughtered,
Severed were their heads, our children too were massacred.

Wa Akhbiro Jadana Anna Usirnaa Wa Baadal Asriya Jadaan Subianaa

Convey to our grand-father, that we were arrested.
After that we were taken as prisoners, and were insulted.

Wa Rahtuka ya Rasool Allah Adhhoowa Araya bilTufoofe Mulbinaa

O Prophet ! the bodies of your kins, are naked lying,
Looted are their raiments, in abject state they are lying.

Waqad Zabihul Hussaina Wa lam Yaraoo Janabak yaa Rasool Allahe Feenaa

Hussain has been slain, by many a beast,
And none cared for our relationship with you the least.

Falow Nadharat Uyoonok LilUsaraa Alaa Aftaabil Jamaale Muhamalinaa

Should you see, how the prisoners were maltreated,
On the bare backs of the camels, we were seated.

Rasool Allahe bades Sawna Saarat Uyoonun Naase-e-Naderattun Elaina

You were our greatest benefactor and saviour,
But soon after you, the enemies made us victims of torture.

Afatimo Low Nazarte Elaas Sabaaya Binaateka Fil bilade Mushtetianaa

O fatima ! should you see how your daughters were assailed,
And were dragged from town to town unveiled.

Kharajnaa minke be lahleena Jamaan Rajaanaa laa Rijaal Wa la Nabinaa

When we parted thee, our house was full of men,
Now that we have returned, lost our children and men.

Wa Nahno Banate Yaseena Wa Taha Wa Nahnul Baqiyaato Ala Abeena

Of Yasin and Ta’ha, we are the daughters,
We are lamenting the death, of our father and brothers.

Wa Nahnot Taheraato Balaa Khafaaeen Wa Nahnol Mukhlesoonal Mustafoona

We are verily the women, pious and purified,
We are the blessed beings, exalted and sanctified.

Fabaadhum Alaa Dunyaa Turaabun Fakaasal Maute Fihaa Qad Suqainaa

After the martyrs of Karbala, this world is all vile,
For this very world, we were made to drink venom and bile.


After having reached Madina, Imam Zainul-A’bedin asked Bashir ibne Jazlam, the care-taker, to
announce the arrival of progeny of the Holy Prophet in Madina. Bashir went straightway to the
Mosque of the Holy Prophet and read aloud the following couplets:

Yaa Aahl Yathriba la Muqaam lakum baha Qutelal Hussain Faar Mueya Midraaru

O People of Yathrab! This is no place for habitation
Hussain is slain, tearful are my eyes in lamentation.

Aljismu minho bekarbala Mudhirajuun Walraaso minho Alaal Qanate Yudaru

His body lay, smeared with his blood, at Karbala,
And his head was held on a spear, alas ! how cruel ! ah !


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