The Advantages of Essay Writing

The Advantages of Essay Writing

Hani AbidiIn the present scenario, writing essays have again become a common way to express our thoughts, views and experiences. It has also made us able to discuss various topics in a better manner.  The essay writing also plays a role of deep importance in maintaining the analytical and logical way of understanding and learning new as well as effective things in our daily life. It also let us to make our thoughts capable of learning new things from history. We can even easily understand the causes of our failures by developing the habit of essay writing as a part of our life. These all things happen just because this habit of essay writing brings us even closer to literature and hence to Nature. Such habits also teach us the new ways to express ourselves by taking the learning from the Nature.

If we move few years ago, the traditions of essay writing dramatically went down. People kept themselves busy in different activities profusely. Such activities could never become helpful for an individual to make able to swim in the pool of useful imaginations and thoughts. Whenever the need of writing or reading essays came across for any reason, the majority of people used to buy essay by referring the books of different writers.

In the olden period, people were even closer to Nature and used to feel easy to express themselves even in  the odd circumstances. Hence the life of that time was quiet easy going, which also helped in preventing the misunderstandings and misconceptions  taking place under small discussions.

Those habits of writing essay are again increasing in the present days. Blog writing, web page writing, advertisement writing etc. are really motivating the lost traditions of writing essay. Now people buy essay referring different books written by various writers not only to read it but also to learn the new ways to express themselves.

Such things has also motivated every individuals go for even more custom essay instead of the traditional one. It has also invented a new way of dissertation which in fact is really helpful to make the essay writing a complete one and hence increases its quality.

That is why it concludes that the essay reading along with the essay writing both brings every individuals closer to Nature increasing their own analytical and imagination power and helps to express themselves in a better manner, even in odd conditions.

By: Syed Hani Abidi

Alqaem Youth Talent Promotion.


2 thoughts on “The Advantages of Essay Writing”

  1. The Advantages of Essay Writing is very good I think that the Essay writing are not a an easy thing to do having an information about it is really help for the for the one who do want to take advantage for these.


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