Share your Views on Muharram

Husaini message
Many momins praise the Ahlulbayt(as) as the Sainat Najat – ‘Ark of Noah/Salvation ‘,which is undoubtedly true .However the mistake that is made ,is that they do not’board’ the Ark of salvation but only eulogise it from afar .It can offer salvation providedyou board it ie go wherever it leads you to & not act as per your own will .

It is the time of year when I remember and grieve for the loss of Imam Husayn (AS) and in remembering the events of Karbala and His (AS) martrydom I realise the importance of the power of Islam and true faith. It also makes me realise I have to stand up for what’s right and never take oppression.  Share your Views


2 thoughts on “Share your Views on Muharram”

  1. Salam to all Momineen

    Shiat ek baar phir sazishoo ka shikar horahi he muavia (L.A) Zadey ek bar phir shiat men na ittafaqi peda karr rahe hen. Shian-e-haider-e-karrar aapus men larney marney ke leye tayar hogae he. lehaza hum sub mil kar ye koshish karen k tamam sazishoo ko nakam banadeyn.
    khudara Azadari ki Ahmiyat ko samjheye or mimber ko pamal honey se bachayen.
    Mola Madadgar
    Allah Hafiz

    S. Ahmer Hussain Zaidi


  2. Salamun Alaikum,

    Here is my take on the Muharram.
    These are special days for those who want to change their way of life for good.Just like the holy month of Ramadan comes every year for people to benefit from it, similarly the days of mourning for the Ahlul bait are those who want to learn and reflect upon themselves.
    We need to review the sermons given by Imam Husain AS, Imam Sajjad and Bibi Zainab SA to understand the real meaning of life.
    It is a very detailed topic for which I dont’ have enough knowledge to comment.
    I would conclude with a small portion from Imam Husain’s Dua -e Arafa….
    O Most Hearing of those who hear! O Most Seeing of those who behold! O Swiftest of reckoners! O Most Merciful of the merciful! Bless Muhammad and the household of Muhammad, the chiefs, the fortunate. And, I ask of Thee, O God, my need. If Thou grantest it to me, what Thou holdest back from me will cause me no harm; and if Thou holdest it back from me, what Thou grantest me will not profit me. I ask Thee to deliver Irse from the Fire. There is no god but Thou alone, Thou hast no associate. Thine is the dominion, and Thine is the praise, and Thou art powerful over everything. O my Lord! O my Lord!


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