Khaak Udao Aaaj Chehallum hai shah e Dilgeer ka

We condolence on the Arbaeen anniversary, marking end of a 40-day chehallummourning period after the martyrdom anniversary of Hazrat Hussein ibn Ali (AS), the third Imam of prophet Mohammad’s (SAWA) infallible household.

Commemorating of  the fortieth day of deeds by their family and giving alms is one of the common custom among some of the Muslims. The fortieth day  of Imam Hussein (AS)’s martyrdom is called Arbaeen. In this day Shiites commemorate Imam Hussein’s revolution. These forty days are a suitable opportunity for people to develop the love of Hussein (AS) and hate his murderers, in their hearts. Forty consecutive days, from Ashura up to Arbaeen, also is a national ceremony of aversion announcement from oppressors of the history.

In the first Arbaeen, Jabir Ibn Adollah and ‘Atieh ‘Ufi were the persons who pilgrimaged the holy tombs of Imam Hussein (AS). According to some narrations, captive family of Imam Hussein (AS) In the way of returning to Medina from Sham, visited Jabir and  pilgrimaged tombs of Ashura’s martyrdoms.

Imam Hussein (AS) sacrificed himself along with his children and relatives to enforce Islam.


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2 thoughts on “Khaak Udao Aaaj Chehallum hai shah e Dilgeer ka”

  1. I was just passing by. I have some wonderful friends from India who practice Islam. What a beautiful and wonderful family they are and what a blessing they are to our community.


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