Seasons of year and foods for good health

Seasons of year and foods for good health

The sciences of Imām al-Ridā, peace be on him  al-Risāla al-Dhahabiya fi al-Tibb (the golden medical dissertation).

In this Book Imam (a.s) explained various seasons of the year and the food and drinks which must be used therein.

Imām al-Ridā, peace be on him, has said: “Man’s body is just like a kingdom: The heart is the king of the body; the (blood) vessels,  the limbs, and the brain are workers. The house of the king is his heart; his land is the body; the helpers are his hands, his legs, his eyes, his lips, his tongues, and his ears; his storekeepers are his stomach and his abdomen; and his chamberlain is his chest. Therefore, the hands are two helpers which bring (things) near,  take (them) away, and work as the king reveals to them. The legs carry the kings wherever he likes. The eyes lead him to that which disappears from him, for the king is behind a curtain and does not reach it except through them. They are also his two lamps; they are fort and well-fortified place of the body. The ears introduce nothing to the king except that which agrees with him, for they are unable to bring in anything unless the king inspires to them. When the king inspires to them, he keeps silent and listen to them. Then he answers whatever he likes; and the tongue explains on his behalf with many tools of which are the wind of the heart, the steam of the stomach, and the help of the two lips; and the two lips have no strength except by the means of man, and they are in need of each other

March (Adhar):day and night are good; the earth becomes soft; and the power of phlegm terminates; the blood becomes excited; and one must use light food and meat; and he must refrain from eating onions and garlic and sour (things) and he must use laxative therein; and he must use therein bloodletting and cupping.

April (Nisan) is thirty days; day lengthens therein; the temper of the season becomes strong, the blood moves; the east wind blows; roasted foods are used therein; what is prepared with vinegar; the meats of (birds and animals which are) hunted; drink water before breakfast; smell flowers and scent.

May (Ayyar) is thirty one days; the winds become clear there in, it is at the end of the season of spring, one must refrain from salty foods, think meat such as heads and beef, and yogurt; entering the bathroom at the beginning of day is useful therein; and sport before lunch is reprehensible therein.

June (Huzuyran) is thirty days; the power of phlegm terminates therein; the time of the yellow bile comes; one must refrain from tiredness and eating abundant meat; one must smell musk and ambergris; it is useful to eat cold vegetables such as endive and purslane, to eat greens such as cucumber, purgative manna, ripe fruit, to use soured things; of the meat is goat and young goat; of the birds is chickens, dull – yellow partridge (tahiyujj), francolins; yogurt and fresh fish.

As for July (Tammuz), it is the heaviest of all the months of the year and the most harmful of them towards man. That is because of the intense heat which occurs when water goesāla al-Dhahabiya fi al-Tibb

August (Ab) is thirty one days; the simoon (hot wind) becomes intense therein; cold becomes exited at night; the north wind blows; temper becomes good through patting and moistening; it is useful to drink yogurt; one must decrease sport, and smell cold flowers.

September (Aylul) is thirty days; the air becomes good therein; the power of the black bile becomes strong; having laxative is good, it is useful to eat sweets and moderate various kinds of meats such as that of young goats and mutton; one use therein perfume with moderate temper, and refrain from eating melon and cucumber.

October (Tishrin al Awwal) is thirty one days, various winds blow in it; one must breathe the east wind, avoid bloodletting and taking medicine; it is useful to have meat in spices; one must decrease drinking water; and sport is praiseworthy in it.

November (Tishrin al Thani) is thirty days; seasonal rains comes down in it, one must not drink water at night, take a mouthful of warm water in the early morning every day, avoid eating vegetables such as celery, mint and watercress.

December (Kanun al Awwal) is thirty – one days, storms become strong and cold becomes intense in it; it is useful to have all that which has been mentioned in November (Tishrin al-Thani); one must be cautious of having cold foods and guard against cupping and bloodletting; and he must use therein foods which are actually and potentially hot.

January (Kanun al Thani) is thirty – one days; the power of phlegm is strong in it; one must have a mouthful of warm water before breakfast; one must have in it hot vegetables such as celery, watercress, and leek; entering the bathroom and massaging (the body) with al – Khayri ointment is useful in it, one must be careful of sweet things, eating fresh fish and having yogurt.

February (Shibat) is twenty – eight days; the winds become different in it; rain increases, grass appears; water flows in the hollow; it is useful to eat garlic, the meat of bird and animals which are hunted and fruit; one must decrease eating sweet; abundant sport and movement is praiseworthy therein.


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