House on volcanic rock -A stone Village

Kandovan village is a made on volcanic rock , situated near the city of Tabriz, in Iran.. Its name is the plural of kando which means bees nest.

Its a tourist spot and famous as a stone village – Historians says the first inhabitants of Kandovan moved here to escape from the invading mongolsin before 13th century, They dug hideouts in the volcanic rock and ultimately ended up transforming them into permanent houses.

Is is also known as  Iran’s jewel in the rocks.The name Kandovan comes from the old term “Kandou jan”. “Kand” meaning village and “Jan” meaning existence. It more than  300,000 tourists every year. Occupations of Kandovans inhabitants are agriculture and animal raising.They live on their income from selling dairy products, meat, wool, honey, handcrafts and dried vegetables.

Watch a slideshow of Eliza Tasbihi’s photos at Flickr.


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