Muslims are harassed in name of terror

 Terrorising Muslims in the Name of Countering Terrorism  is a wrong practice adopted by some authorities and harassing muslim by declaring them terriorist, women beater is very comman in other part of world also. Muslims are not free to follow their Religious practices like keeping beard, wearing hijab and so many cases of harassesment we read in news every day. May be it because of islamiphonia or because of some terriorist type  so called muslims who always spoiled the name of Islam. Majority of Muslims love peace and always prefer to live in peacefull atmosphere.
Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh have taken a good step by considering it human rights violations.

NEW DELHI: Acknowledging that Muslim youth are sometimes harassed in the “name of terrorists”, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Friday night
asked security forces to observe “zero tolerance” for fundamental human rights violations while dealing with such cases.

Interacting with a group of senior Urdu journalists here, he said the entire community could not be suspected of being terrorists and that being a Sikh, he understands the concerns of Muslims.

He suggested that committees, comprising respected Muslims, should be set up in states to look into any case of harassment of innocent members of the community.

“Mai manta hun ki hindustan ke musalmanon ko kaafi mushkilat ka samna karna padta hai, kuch samay terrorist ke naam par Muslim navjawanon ko pareshan bi kiya jata hai (I agree that Indian Muslims face a lot of difficulties, sometimes in the name of terrorists, Muslim youth are harassed),” Singh said.

Underlining that he “understands” the problems faced by the minority community, the Prime Minister said his message to security forces, whether in Jammu and Kashmir or elsewhere, is zero tolerance for fundamental human rights violations.”


One thought on “Muslims are harassed in name of terror”

  1. I Love India.Only India is a true democratic and secular country where they just do not preach but practice humanity. I have always respected Dr.Manmohan singh as an intellectual and an great economist who transformed India into an economic force in the world with his selfless attitude and love for the improvement of the country, mostly because he is not a professional politician and now reading this my respect has grown more for him. The same discussion I had with some officer in govt.service earlier that it is unfair to target a certain community for certain misdeeds of a few , there are good and bad people in every place, community. No religion preaches bad thing that is the bottom line. People interpret it differently to meet their ideology punchline, that can be a hindu,muslim, sikh or jew or christian too so that does not make the whole community and religion bad. My request to my fellow Indians is open their minds and analyze things and dont take anything on their face value but definitely do not play into the hands of politicians and become mere puppets because they know only selfishness and selfinterest and they are not concerned who lives or who dies what they want is just power at any cost.


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