Holy Quran and Cure of diseases

“Allah the Almighty will bestow Benefits & Rewards accordingly  on his servants whom recite surahs from the Holy Quran. This have been taken on the authority of the Holy Prophet , Imam Ali ibn abi talib, Imam Jafar al Sadiq and other Imams of the Ahl ul Bayt”.
The Holy Quran contains cure for all ailments, physical and spiritual.

“We sent down in the Quran that which is a cure and mercy for the faithful”. (17:82)

“Say: For those who have faith, it (Quran) is a guidance and healing; but as for those who are faithless, there is a deafness in their ears and it is lost to their sight”. (41:44)

The Holy Prophet (saww) has said,

“The healing of my Ummah lies in three things: A verse from the book of Allah, eating honey and Cupper lancet”. (Aamaali of Shaykh Sadooq)

A man came once complained about the pain in his chest. The Holy Prophet (saww) said, “Seek healing from the Quran for Allah says: ‘It is a healing for what is in the breasts’”. (‘Uddah al-Da’ee)

Talking about the greatness of Quran, Imam Ali bin Abi Talib (as) said,

“Then Allah sent to him the Book as a light whose flames cannot be extinguished, a lamp whose gleam does not die, a sea whose depth cannot be sounded, a way whose direction does not mislead, a ray whose light does not darken, a separator (good from evil) whose arguments do not weaken, a clarifier whose foundations cannot be dismantled, a cure which leaves no apprehension for disease…Allah has made it a quencher of the thirst of the learned, a bloom for the hearts of religious jurists, a highway for the ways of the righteous, a cure after which there is no ailment…” (Nahjul-Balaghah)

In another sermon, Imam Ali (as) also said regarding Quran:

“Seek cure from it (Quran) for all your ailments and seek its assistance in your distresses. For verily it contains cure for the biggest diseases namely: unbelief, hypocrisy, revolt and misguidance”.

Please keep in mind whatever takes place in result of reciting a surah all depends on the will of Allah the Almighty – Inshallah.

At Tur (52)

Write this surah on a plate & wash it off with water & sprinkle over the bite , it will inshall heal it.

Al Tahrim (66)

If this surah recited on a man who has been bitten by a scorpion, the poison will not be spreaded & will inshallah cure him fully.


Al Qalam (68)

Write this surah on a paper & put around a neck of a person suffering from toothache it would dissapear at once. Alo any injury to the teeth it will heal immediately.


Al Sajdah (32)

Write this surah on a paper & keep it with you, he will inshallah remain safe from pains in the join , fever & headache.


Al shu ara (26)

Who writes this surah and  washes off with water & the water is drunk it will inshallah cure any illness, & disease..

Ya sin (36)

Write this surah the  heart of the holy Quran and hange around your neck will be safe from every illness.


Aali Imran (3)

If this surah is wriiten on paper with saffron and hung around the neck of a woman whose pregnancy dosent last, she would inshallah by the command of Allah give birth to the child.

Also it helps if hanged around the neck of a woman who does not produce children, she will conceive and give birth.

Al Dhariyat (51)

Write this surah on a paper & put around the neck of a pregnant woman inshallah her delivery will be easy.

Al Haqqah (69)

If this surah is wriiten on a paper & put around a neck of a pregnant woman, her child will remain safe & sound in her womb.


Al Fatihah (1)

Recite this surah 7 times keeping the mouth near the forehead & put the right hand on the forehead of the sick person. This will Inshallah cure him from any sickness.

Al Mujadilah (58)

Reciting this surah near a sick person will inshallah be cured from illness & would have a peaceful sleep


Ya sin  (36)

Write this surah the  heart of the holy Quran with saffron and rose water and drunk for 7 days his memory will improve and memorise whatever he listens.

Al Fat-h (48)

Write this surah on a plate & wash it off with zam zam water will have excellent retaining memory .

Al Hashr (59)

Write this surah on a plate & wash it off with clean water & drink it, you will inshallah have a good memory & I.Q

Al Haqqa (69)

If this surah is  written on a plate, washed with clean water & child drinks it, he will inshallah grow up into a very intelligent man with excellent memory & help in learning the Holy Quran by heart inshallah.

Al Muddaththir (74)

Whoso recite this surah regularly and at the end beesches Allah (SWT) to give him memory to learn the Quran by heart, Allah (SWT) will grant him the memory to memorise the Holy Quran before he dies.


Al Muntaqim (The Avenger)

One who recites this name frequently will be victorious against his enemies.

54. Al Qawiyy (The Most Strong)

One who recites this name with the intention of not being harmed, will be safe from his enemy.


Al Quddus (The Holy)

One who recites 100 times every day will be freed from a state of uneasiness, distress and, about future uncertainties.


41. Ya Hafiz (The Preserver)

One who recites this name 16 times each day will be protected against disasters & calamities.

42. Al Halim ( The Forbearing One)

One who recites this name on a piece of paper and put it where the seeds are sown, this will prevent from any disaster & calamity.


Al Fatihah (1)

Reciting this  surah will cure Inshallah any deadly disease

Al Mumin (40)

If this Surah is written & kept with you inshallah will be cured from anyone suffering from spots, swollen testicles, pimples & boils.

Al Munafiqun (63)

Reciting this surah regularly will inshallah cure boils


Al Mumin (40)

Writing this surah  on a plate &wash with clean water , then mix it with fine flour , then dry it like biscuit , then grind it and give to patient it will inshallah cure heart troubles .

Fussilat (41)

Write this Surah in a plate then wash it with clean water ,mix it with flower and make it balls, then dry them , grind them and give the powder to the patient to eat it . Isnahhalh it will cure heart ailments.

Al Daher/Al Insan (76)

Who writes this surat on a plate, washes it off with clean water and drinks it, would get rid of heart ailments and make his body and mind strong.


brahim (14)

Write this sura in a peace of white cloth & tie around the arm of a child, the child will not cry, weep & scream. He will not feel pain in teething & weaning.


Bani Israil (17)

A child that has pauses in his speech & not very clear, write  this surah & put it in a glass to be washed off & let the child drink it inshallah it will cure him.


Al Qasas (28)

Write this surah & wash it off with rain water & drink it . I t will inshallah cure stomach & liver pains.

Luqman (31)

Write this Surah & wash it off with clean water & drink it. It will Inshallah cure you from suffering stomach ache & fever.

Al Dhariyat (51)

To cure stomach ache write this surah on a plate , wash it with clean water & drink it

Al Mursalat (77)

If this surah is wriiten on a plate and washed off with onion water and given to a person to drink the pain would inshallah go.


Al Ankabut (29)

Write this surah & wash it off with water & drink it . It will inshallah cure malaria, cold & heaviness of chest. It will help you to have a goodnite sleep if you recite it in bed.


Al Mumin (40)

Reciting this surah every night will give purification of the heart & sins will be forgive


Taha (20)

Writing this surah on a green silk cloth & wears it around his neck before going to any interview he will inshallah be successful specifically in marriage, the results will be in your favour.

Al Ahzab (33)

Writing this surah on a deerskin & keep it in a casket in the house, inshallh ther will be many married proposals for your daughters, sister & other girls in the house.


Aali Imran (3)

If this surah is wriiten on paper with saffron & hung around a tree that do not produce fruits, by the command of Allah, it would produce fruit.

Hijr (15)

To prosper in Business, write this surah on paper & tie on your hand or keep it in your pocket, you will always gain & profit in business deals.

Al Mumin (40)

Write this surah and keep where you work (business) inshallah the sales will increase .

Al Dukhan (44)

Writing this surah on a paper and kept in a trading premises Allah (SWT) will increase his sales & profit

Al Naziat (79)

Reciter of thsi surah will help him be safe from  person whom he has fear from in his business. It would dissapear and will remain fully safe. It will also encounter his enemies, they would run away without inflicting any harm on him.


Al Qalam (68)

Reciting this surah regularly and  in his obligatory salat Allah (SWT) will never allow poverti afflict him & will have no problems in his sustenance inshallah.


Al Zumar (39)

Reciting this surah Allah (SWT) will bestow on you honour & prestige in this world . Its recommended also to keep it with you.

Al Akhaf (46)

Write this surah in a plate & wash it with zam zam water & drink it , you will be loved , popular & listened to you by people .

Al Najm (53)

Reciting this surah regularly will inshallah be loved & respected by others

Al Qamar (54)

Write this surah on a paper on friday & wear it around your neck will will be inshallah very popular among people & would command respect & love


Yusuf (12)

If you write this surah & drink its water you will have good luck & sustenance.

Al Rahman (55)

Write this surah & hang around neck it will inshallah get you great rewards & make your work easy.

Al Muddaththir (74)

Reciter of this surat regularly will have no bad luck in life inshallah.


Al An- Am (6)

To seek fulfilment of desires pray 4 rakat , in set of 2 rakats, starting with surat Al Fatihah & Al An-Am in each rakat, after the recitation of Al An-Am say this dua:

O Munificent O Munificent O Munificent

{Ya Karim Ya karim Ya karim}

Great, O Great , O Great; O Hearer of Prayer

{Ya Azim Ya Azim Ya Azim  Ya Azam min kulli Azim Ya Sami Al Dua}

O He whom the alternations of days & nights do not effect Him

{Ya man la tughayyirutul ayamu wal layli}

Send blessings on Mohammed and his Children & have Mercy

{Salli ala Muhammed wa alli Mohammed  }

and have mecrcy on my weakness, Poverty, destitution, & helplessness

{Wa arham dafi wa faqri wa faqati wa maskanati }

because You alone knows more than me about these things & about my needs

{Fa Innaka Alamu Biha minni Wa Anta Alamu hajati}

O He who he had Mercy on Yaqub & brought back his son  Yusuf to him

{Ya Man Rahima Yaqub wa radda alayhi Yusuf quratta aynihi}

O He who had Mercy on Ayub when misfortunes & calamities surrounded him from all sides

{Ya Man Rahima Ayyuba badda hululi balaihi }

O He who had Mercy on Mohammed peace be on him, & looked after him against the evil unjust of Quraysh

{Ya Man Rahima Muhammed Alayhi Wa Alihi Saalmu Wa minal yatama awahu Wa nassarahu ala jababirata Quaraish wa tawaghitaha wa amanahu minhum}

O Helper, O Helper, O Helper

{Ya Mughithu Ya Mugithu Ya Mughithu }

Now Beseech Allah for your desires to fulfil your Needs.

Al Waqiah (56)

Reciting this surah regularly inhsallah his fulfilments will be achieved like : plenty of sustenance, good oppprtunity of wealth& be loved by people  . Poverty will dissapear.

Al Hashr (59)

Whoso prays 4 rakat & recites this surat in every rakat after reciting surat Al Fatiha would inshallah achieve success in all his desired fulfillments activity that he undertakes.

Nuh (71)

Whoso recites this surah and beseeches Allah (SWT) for fulfillments, wishes and desires Allah (SWT) would give him what he want without delay


Al Tahrim (66)

Whoso recites this surah regularly will help inshallah pay all his debts.

Al Muzzammil (73)

A regularly reciter of this surah will inshall remove poverty.


Yunus (10)

If there has been a misunderstanding in your family & you want to know who is at fault, writing this surah together with all the names of your family members, the problem will be solved.


Al Qasas (28)

Write this surah & wash it off with water & drink it . It will inshallah remove sorrows, worries, grief & doubts

Al Hadid (57)

If a person recites this surah regularly in his obligatory prayers neither he or his family will face any trouble or worries inshallah

Al Jumuah (62)

Reciting this surah every night will get rid of worries inshallah.

Al Jinn (72)

If a man in trouble recites this sura his worries and troubles will dissapear inshallah.


At Tur (52)

Reciting this surah regularly will let free a prisoner

Al Hadid (57)

Whoso recites this surah will inshallah be freed from prison

Al Ma-arij (70)

Whoso recite this surah Allah (swt) will arrange his release & would safely inshallah go back to his family.

Al Jinn(72)

A prisoner who recites this surah will be freed from prison.

Al Rad (13)

If this surah is written on a paper after praying salat tahajjud & hang it on the door of a ruler who uses power unjustly, he would die soon.


Al Anfal (8)

Writing this surah and hanging it around your neck, you will get your rights from the man in authority & you will have upper hand against him when you quarrel with him & come out fully satisfied.

Ya sin (36)

Write this surah the heart of the holy Quran with saffron and rose water and drunk for 7 days you will have an upper hand over whomsoever he debates.

Al Mursalat (77)

Whoso recites this Surah in a time of quarrel or conflict with his opponent he would have an upper hand against his enemy; also a man in authority or a judge would also help him against his enemy.


Tawbah (9)

Writing this surah on a paper & keep it in his body he would be safe from thieves & fire .

Al Mujadilah (58)

Reciter of this surat regularly will be safe from theft


Al Rahman  (55)

If this surah is hanged in the house it will remain safe from all insects


Al Jathiyah (45)

Writing this surah on a paper & keeping it with you will inshallah be safe from backbiters.

Al Dukhan (44)

Writing  this surah on a paper & worn around the neck will remain safe from mischief of men in authority

Al Jumuah (62)

Reciter of this surah  at daybreak & sunset every friday  will be safe from the mischief of shaytan.

Al Taghabun (64)

Whoso recites this surah & goes to meet man in authority against him  , inshallah he will be safe from his evil & mischief.


Al Shura (42)

Write this surah on a plate and wash it off with clean water . Whoever drinks it will have a peaceful & safe journey (travelling).

Al Saff (61)

Recite this surah during a journey & inshallah will remain safe from thieves & problems until he returns  safely to his house.

Al Naba (78)

Reciting this surah while travelling will have a safe journey.

Abasa (80)

To have a safe and protected jpurney recite this surah at the beginning of the journey.


48. Al Haqq (The Truth)

One who recites this name will get his lost things.

49. Al Mu’id (The Restorer)

Recitation of this name 70 times will be helpful in safe return of the missing person.

50. Al Jami’ (The Gatherer)

One who recites this name will find lost things.

Dua’a to combat Black Magic

The Holy Prophet said : To keep the devils at bay and to destroy the effects of magic recite verses 54 to 56 of Al Araf.



[Verily your Lord is Allah who created the heavens and the earth in six days, then established Himself on the throne. He draws the night as a veil over the day, which pursues it incessantly; and made the sun and the moon and the stars subservient to His command. Verily, His is the creation and the command. Blessed be Allah, the Lord of the worlds. Call on your Lord humbly and in secret. Verily Allah does not love the transgressors. And do not make mischief in the earth after it has been reformed; and call on Him fearing (His wrath) and longing (his mercy). Verily the mercy of Allah is near to those who do good]

.Recite verse 35 of al Qasas 7 times after the salat of tahajjud to destroy the effects of witchcraft


[(Allah) said : “We will strengthen your arm with your brother and we will give you such authority that they will not be able to touch and of you. With our signs, both of you and your followers shall certainly triumph”]

To render null and void the intensity and evil effects of any kind of witchcraft and evil eye recite 121 times the last part of verse 87 of al Anbiya, after Fajr salat for 40 days.


To over come any apparently impossible to manage difficulty recite the above noted verse as directed in (i) and also 730 times after praying a 2 rak-at salat after midnight with the following acts of self-discipline.

a. Do not eat animal meat
b. Eat any halaal (lawful) food purchased by halal (lawfully earned) money
c.Give alms to the poor.


Whosoever recites the following prayer after every obligatory salat, or keeps its written text on the body, inshallah, he, his family and property will remain safe under the divine protection.


[I put myself, my children, my family, my property under (Allah’s protection ) in the name of Allah’s perfected words, from all devils, poisonous animals, and from every evil eye.]

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152 thoughts on “Holy Quran and Cure of diseases

  1. salamualaykum,
    my name is nazmin, i have had dry skin for a long time, and i need a cure for it, i had tried a lot of medication and they did help a little, they come and go. I don’t know why I get these on my face and kneck, why is allah giving me dry skin? does that mean I am a bad person or have I done something wrong?

    can you please help me cure this disease fast by giving me advice on which surat I should read. I have read the ones above but i do not know which one will benefit me?
    can you please help?

    i will be waiting for your reply.

    asalamualaykum warahmatullah


  2. salam ulakium
    May god bless u who ever has publish and make effort to do this inshallah they will be bless my allah. every 1 should know what is the benifet of quran the book of allah so my brother god will help u. just give me details of all suras which will help in the best way for man kinds thank u


  3. asssalamo alaikum,
    i am having big stones in both kidneys.even after surgery it occurs again anD again.
    plz mail me at :sonumji@yahoo.com


    • Start with Bismillah, then Surah Fatiha 7 times and then Darood e Ibrahimi and then read ayat 74 of surah baqra starting from Wa inna minal hijarati…. do it after every namaz


  4. asssalamo alaikum,
    my underarms sweat a lot…..pls tel me some dua to reduce the underarm wetness…..i hv also tried nurani ilaag….thank u


  5. my father has stone in gol bladder and is suffering from severe constipation…..i would be thankful if u guide me to cure his problems by the verses of the holy Quran as soon as possible….he also had heart problems in past …thank u


  6. Assalaamu alaikum iam rizwana sultana
    Iam chronic stage 3 kidney patient, last year i got married after that i came to know about it. please tell what i should recite from quran to get cured by will of allah rabbal aalameen.


    • Salaaam walaikum, if you wake up in morning before ateing anything recited surah fatihah 7 times and blow on pure water and honey and olives and then eat it. Do this for a week inshallah U will get cured by Allah’s will…


  7. assalamualikum,
    bro & sis my 8yrs old daughter affected by chicken pox , entire face is like burn injury , she is in hospital, pls pray for her to get well soon, tell me some dua which i should recite from quran for her , iam typing with tears,.please help for my child.


  8. Zazakallah for the dua’s mentioned they will verymuch helpfull for me. please do me a favor please help me with a Dua of weight loss. & I also dua for cure of cyst in the stomach near ovary.
    Awaiting for your reply.

    Allah Hafiz.


  9. assalaamaelikum
    i come to know after test that i have nil sperm count.please tell me how to cure my nil sperm count through quran text.i know that there is treament of each and every deseases.please help me


      • i am also searching healing from Quran to solve this problem. and i just encountered to read surah Fatiha 7 times on rose water then mix it with warm olive oil well do that the oil seperates and then apply on the skin. I am going to try this with 100 percent beleive that it will vanish my scars. hope it will help you too also.


      • Allahumma inni a’uzhubika min alBarasi wal Junooni wal Juzaami wa Sayyi’yil Asqaam.
        Pls read this dua with Durood Shareef. Insha Allah- Allah SWT will cure the disease.


  10. Assalamualaikum
    my 2 yrs old daughter eyes are hurting and me and my daughter we both are in very distress ……plz tell me which surah or ayat pak i should reciet from quran shareef and Allah’s name from asmaulhasna.


  11. Asalam o alikum
    i love my family ( wife and childerns) but when i am out of home when i come then the love finishes and their talk and every thing hits me and i start quarreles with them espacialy with spouse
    so keeping my problem tell me what to recite to overcome these problem
    Allah Bless you
    best regards


  12. pleas listen to surah rahman in qari abdul basit’s voice. you can see the program on youtube on how to listen to surah rahman was aired on ptv in pakistan..

    i have experienced the healing and mercy of Allah that’s y i am typing…pls listen to it 7 days 3 times a day and put a glass of water near the radio when listening..after that drink it saying the name of Allah…3 times..in 3 gulps


  13. Assalamualaikum,
    My name is Akbar, I am suffering from the Anal smell and gastric problems. I cannot go for mosque because of smell and it disturbs people around me. pls help me and say any surah or ayat reciet for cure of my disease


  14. my father have pain in back bone. he did MRI and doctor said that there is a spot in bone.
    since last 3 month there is a pain in the back bone still not progress.
    i would like to know you ppl to get rid of back pain through quran verses. if sum one knows he can email me.my email address is jointahir@yahoo.com


  15. Asallam o alikum’
    My mother is 52 years old and she is not well as she had already gone through a brain surgery in 2007 march, Mashallah she recovered from it but now she is suffering from another disease known as Motor nervous disease, it is a disease of nerves,the doctors have given us the answer that there is no cure to this disease and gradually her nerves will become weaker and she wont be able to walk (Allah forbid), and yes she is getting weaker,and she fells when she tries to walk independently,but I believe in Allah and i know that there has to be some cure to this decease,so please help me in tell me what should i recite for her what Surah please help me.


    • salaam Yousra, you, your mum and family be in good health. Just wandering what your mums position is now? I hope she is in better health now. I have an uncle going through the same problem and undfortunately the Dr’s say there is no cure for this disease, but have faith in my Allah and we are always praying for him. Allah knows best.
      Stay strong and turn to Allah.
      Let me know how ur mum is doing. I shall pray for her too


  16. salaam can you please tell me was the above methods you prescribed practised by our beloved prophet pbuh??? please provide evidence from quran or hadees as having a single verse around your neck or anything else and to believe its going to benefit you is shirk when disease and its cure is from Allah swt please dont tell people to commit shirk the quran should be recited over water or olive oil or honey not wrapped around your body to degrade it and we are not always in wudhu and visit the toilet frequently, THINK ABOUT IT, visit scribd.com duas and cures from the holy quran,
    for curing


  17. Asalam o alaikum
    my name is sana.actually my to becoming husband is having problem in his back bone he use to have severe pain and doctor says its a tumor how to cure it through ayat.
    kindly reply me as soon as possible.
    Abida Andleeb


  18. Assalamualikum.
    I suffer from a skin diesease called “Keratosis Pilaris”.
    I’ve tried many scrubs,home-made solutions and even lotions prescribed by doctors but nothing seem’s to work. So I turn to the Quran to help me. Can someone please tell me which surah I should recite to help me with my skin problem?
    Allah Haifz. =)


  19. Asalam o alaikum to all muslim borthers and sisters! I’am in great need of help. My father went blind and doctors cannot help him anymore they told him he has this disease retina pigmentosa which means that his eyes wont get better they will only get weaker and weaker, so now he lost his sight. We all are in great need of help. he always needs somebody with him cannot do much on his own now and he is just getting weaker and weaker. Its just so hard on all of us seeing him like that. I was wondering if there is a dua to cure his eye sight. Please brothers and sisters let me know. May Allah bless you,


    • Waleikum musslam my beloved brother.May Allahs blessings & peace be with ur father & ur family Aameen.Dear brother, there was an incident like this when a man lost his sight and became blind and he went to our beloved Habeebullah Rasoolullahi Sallallahu Alehi Wasalam and ask what he shud do.Then Rasoolullahi Sallallahu Alehi Wasallm asked him to recite Durood shifa.So the man went back home and recited and when he woke up his sight was gined again.Subhanallaaah!
      Also My beloved brother, Please make dua for my mum as she is suffering from liver failure.


  20. asslam o ailaikum.i m a girl my problm is acne n pimples n there is one more problm that is “naswani husn”(cure for small breast) plz give me any cure by suras n ayaat n by Allah name


  21. Assalamalaikum..


    Reading Surah Naba after Zuhr Numaz will increase ur eyesight..

    And the one that reads Surah Naba after Asar Numaz will InshaAllah Azwajal wont losse his eyesight..

    Read Surah Qadar after wozu while looking at sky and InshaAllah Azwajal his eye sight will not become weak..

    If Surah 81, Al Takweer is read and blown on a rose and then rubbed on the eyes, Inshah Allah Al-‘Aziz the eyesight will become sharp and the light of the eyes will increase..

    Read Ya Nooru after each farz numaz for 11x (starting/ending with durood shareef) then blow on ur right index finger and put that in ur eyes just like u put kohl in ur eyes..

    Apply kohl (preferably Surma e Asmad) in ur eyes according to its adaab.. and this too will have some good effects on ur eyesight..

    In order to maximise the limit of the eyesight, and to rid any pain of the eye, there is a part of the Qur’an al kareem that can be recited, and ‘dumm’ (blowing) be made.

    That supplication is:

    ‘Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem, farji’il basara hal tara min futur, thummar ji’il basara karratayni yanqalibu ilaykal basaru khasi’aww wa huwa hasir, wa iyyakad ulladhina kafaru la yudhliquna ka bi absari him lamma sami’udh dhikra wa yaquluna innahu la majnunun, wa ma huwa illa dhikrul lil ‘alamin’

    In order to gain the vision of the eyes back to thier original position, someone asked ‘Ala Hadrat Mujaddid-e-Din-o-Millat, Mawlana Shah Ahmad Rida Khan (Rehmatullahi’ Alaih), that how can I restore my vision?

    He gave the following advice:

    ‘Learn the ‘Ayat al Kursi’, after every salaah, recite this once, when you reach the words ‘wa la’ ya’udu hu hifzu huma’, place your fingers upon your eyes, and recite them very words eleven times, then blow on your fingers and wipe them on your eyes.’ This should restore any lost vision that one may have, in the eyes.

    May Allah the Almighty, help us to learn the Noble Qur’an al kareem, to act upon it, and to benefit from it, as much as possible, so that we may gain it’s benefits, not only in this world, but also the Hereafter. Ameen suma Ameen..!!

    Cure for weak eyesight:

    Read Ya Shakuru 41 times and blow on some water.. and then rub that water on ur eyes..

    Cure for eye problems:

    * Suratun Nur – Ayat 35 for eyes (as eyedrops)..

    * Suratu Qaaf – Ayat 23 Shifa for eyes..

    * Suratur Rahmaan – Cures eye problems..

    * Suratul Infitar – Recite and blow gently into eyes for cure..

    * Suratul Humaza – Eye ailments.. blow gently into eye..

    Cure for weak eyesight:

    Recite this verse thrice after every salaah, blow on the fingers and rub them on the eyes. By doing this the eyesight will never weaken. In fact, any weakness will also disappear.

    (Now We have removed from you your veil and
    this day your sight is iron.) Qaf

    For Inflammation of Eyes:

    Surah Al-Mulk link should be recited thrice each day for 3 consecutive days. After reciting it 3 times blow on the patient’s eyes. The suffering will be alleviated — Insha Allah Azwajal.


  22. Dua to cure Cancer.

    This is a special dua for cancer which the patient must read everyday:

    Bismillahir Rahmaanir Rahim

    Wanun Nazilu Minal Qur’ani Maahuwa Shifaounw Wa Rahmatul lil Mumineen.

    Waiazaa Mariztu Farbuwayashfeen.

    Waqul Rabbighfir Warham Wa anta Khairur Raahimeen.

    Ammayyajibul Mudhtarra Izaa Da’aahu Wayakshifus_suh.

    Qulna Yanarukuni Bardanw wasallaaman Alaa Ibrahim.

    Wa Ayyuba Izanaada Rabbahu Inni Masaniyyal Duruwa Anat Arhamar Raahimeen.

    Inni Maghlubun Fantasir.

    Laailaaha Illah Anta Subhaanaka Inni Kuntu Minaz zaalimeen.

    Fastajabnaalahu Wanajjinaahu Minak Ghammi Wakazaalika Nunjil Mumuneen.

    Inna Rabbi Alaa Kulli Shayin Hafidh. Hasbunallahu Wani’mal Waqeel.

    Watwakkalu Alallaahi wakafa Billahi Wakeel.

    Alaysallahu Bikaafin Abdahu. Huwa Mawlaakum Fani’mal Mawlaa Wani’man Naseer.

    Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Aalameen. Ni’mal Mawlaa Wa Nuhimun Naseer.

    Tabaarakallahu Ahsanal Khaaliqeen.

    Laahawla Walaaquwwata Illah Billaahil Aliyyil Azeem


  23. I want to say that I’ve been cured from quran!! and I’ve read surah al bagara all the surah in one day until I got better and you should have a faith that you’ll get well from allah !!


  24. My mother has been recently diagnosed with lung cancer and i would like to know what specific verses should be read on her and in what specific way should it be read.


  25. Assalamualaikum my muslim brothers and sisters
    i have suffered several joint pains, and everyday i never fail to feel pain, though i endure till now, i wish allah would give me a natural cure so i could lead my normal life back. Could anyone please reccomend me on which prayer i should recite. I have faith that the holy al-quran will help me someday. please reply someone i got no one to turn too regrading this pain except Allah.


  26. hi , my cat shes very sick , i want to know if this is also aplicable for animals , i don’t know that to do … by the way what is a plate ? is the thing in where we eat ? sorry for my inglish .


  27. Aslamalaykum Everyone!

    Thanks for every cure but i’m begging you for a cure its my sister well I have to tell you the whole story

    My sister is called Shazia she was a kind good and generous person, my mum and dad divorced before i was even born my sister Shazia was not even born!!!!!!

    My sister grew older and older and older and she got to know the truth about my first dad she hated him at first when she grew older my big cousin Asif ( i call him Asif bhai because he is older) my sister and him got engaged a couple of days after they got engaged my first dad told her to not get married to him my sister beleived in him long after and broke the engagement and took off the engagement ring and said to my mum i dont want to be engaged after a couple of years that was when i was born.

    For only a couple of years she care for me looked after me and did everything for me but her dad (not mine) said TO HER TO MOVE AWAY FROM HER HOUSE and she actually did what HE told her to do.

    I was only 4 years old when she went away.Now she definitely hates Asif bhai she won’t even talk to him i cant stand it my mum does not show it but i know that she cries deeply inside her heart i pray to Allah when i remember to pray to him by that its been a couple of months now and i just want Asif Bhai and her to get married.

    I need a cure that wont involve my sister knowing what im doing or if there is not one like that just put on a cure that will just make her good, and she will agree to the marriage !!!

    Mashalla! i hope i get a message back

    Anyone who knows a cure such as that please reply or if you want it to be private email me


    Thanks !
    Ayesha thanks and gives all of you good luck from Allah and says EID MUBARICK as its nearly the second EID.


  28. salaam,my father is always stressed becouse he is in so much debt,house mortgage,ad more debts he is going to all diffrent places to see these peer and they are teling him someone has done taweez on him,my father is confused always angary and stressed!!i realy want to see him,please email me a dua for my fathers problems,MAY THE LORD protect him!!ameen.


  29. 3 months ago i got the greatest disease in the world after getting married , it was like fever and headache then body weakness and now starting spot around face and neck ,i think it would be hiv , i hope not inshaalla , can u help me about this plz.


  30. Please help me,my dad is in great pain because of Motor Neuron Disease,if any body can suggest any dua,we will be grateful to you for ages,please help me out.


  31. Asalam alai kum.



  32. Assalam-u-Alikum,
    I would like to share one thing, i had tongue problem and doctor suggested me biopsy and found cancer. When doctor told me, i was shocked but i have very strong faith in ALLAH, i started praying, recited and listened Darood-e-Ibrahimi, started to listen Surah Al-Rahman on daily basis, and started to praying everytime for health.I also recited Surah Al Quraish. I also requested my family and friends for praying.As a result, within two months, cancer is removed from my tongue, i can speak, Allah helped me, and i did not need to take help from other people. I was afraid because i am living alone and in this serious disease it is difficult to manage alone.
    Dear brothers and sisters, remember, donot disappoint in any circumstances. Recite Darood abundantly.
    We must have belief that ALLAH can do everything.
    I pray may ALLAH help us all.


  33. can you give me something for my son who had a lung surgery he had a whole in his lung refered to as pneumothorax. he has shortness of breadth I need him to heal.


  34. my brother in law is missing plz help what to recite also it is heard that he is suffering from evil eye (Khuch jinn ka asar hai)


  35. i have had blocked ears for over a years now ,dull hearing,i have had septum deviaton to the nasal and sinus surgery which the doctors say has caused all the problems,
    please advise me of what surah to perform to restore my hearing thank you


  36. assalaamalaikum,
    m pregnant with 6 month ,i ve pain towards my left abdomen…earlier i was diagnoised with left side kidney stone..m afraid tat it doesnt cause any harm to by baby.
    Any duas to recite to keep my kidney functioning well ,as well as my baby..
    Please let me know


  37. ahsalam alaikum my name is mohamed. i am 24. my broblem is iam short and i am not growing i am look like just a kid. because of those things now i am become half psycho. i am afried and shy to face people but know i have common sense mind i believe allah and his messanger and puran. can u please tell which surrah cure to illness and strong mind. may allah blesse u. thank u..


  38. can’t i read this surah instead of writing it?
    “Al Mumin (40)

    If this Surah is written & kept with you inshallah will be cured from anyone suffering from spots, swollen testicles, pimples & boils.”


  39. can’t i read this surah instead of writing it? i am suffering from pimples and left swollen testicle,so can’t i read this instead of write it?
    “Al Mumin (40)

    If this Surah is written & kept with you inshallah will be cured from anyone suffering from spots, swollen testicles, pimples & boils.”


    • assalamu alaikum bro keep peasants better u read than 2 listen quraan & make regularity of namaaz chast (after ishraaq) & tahajjud and ask god and do a small sadqa (which makes allahs anger far) antz it hope good with allah


  40. Salaam
    I have made a terrible mistake.. I kissed a girl who had herpes, know I have herpes 1… I didn’t know she had it, but i got some symptoms and got tested positive.. is it possible to get married with this disease?. I feel like my life is over. its all think about all day. I cant do nothing am depressed all day every day. I feel impure when i go at the mosque.

    I would appreciate you help.


  41. Assalamualaikum, from Allah’s grace everything is fine, there are few problems in my life for which i am sure Allah will help through any of you. My husband and two of his cousin sisters has vitiligo(white patches) and i am pregnant i would like to know any duwa from quran which can cure this. because of this i am depressed as i love my husband alot and my mothers side no body knows regarding my husbands health infact of the fact he has problem i married him with out informing my parents though it was an arrange marriage but still this guilt feeling is killing me every moment . I request all muslims to help me by letting me know of duwas, suras and prayers for curing vitiligo and for me having a healthy baby.

    Its a matter of my whole life and well being of my whole family




  42. Dear All Brothers and Sisters,
    Aslam o Alikum Wa Rehmat Allaha Wa Bara Ka Ta Hu
    May all your worries and sorrows turn in to happiness and healthy life and your parents may live long life and upon you
    First of all faith in Allaha and last Prophet PBUH
    Is very important.
    People who are in serious illness should recite ya salamo 33 times and blow on neat water or abe zam zam drink it after namaz or any time easy for your there is no specifice time ok and recite it with closed eyes and feel Allaha is healing you with white light and recite with pure heart and healt is yours don’t loose hope may all you get healt and long life .


  43. Aa

    Whilst I dont deny the Quran is a mercy and blessing containing cure, I have to agree with the brother who said there is no evidence in Hadith or other sahih source for amulets and tying things around ones body.

    To say you should cover plates with x y z or to read something for a set number of days or times WITHOUT proof is bidah and shirk. Furthermore, to instruct people to do so will not only lead them into sin but you will be accountable.

    You should not be advising people to read such and such unless you are a learned scholar. It is very sad to see people asking others for help regarding what they should read for their illnesses when they should turn only to Allah and ask Him, and verily Allah knows what is in your hearts and your intention.


  44. To Zohra,
    My dear child, vitiligo is not life threatening disease, it is only a pigment disorder. If u say u love your husband, then that is all that matters, as u know the real person inside him and not whts on the outside should matter. This is a test from god to see how u handle this, if ur love is true for ur husband. I have vitiligo and i have accepted it as a gift as there is no cure for it. And im still the same, im still beautiful. By letting this bother u so much u are making ur husband feel bad abt it, it is very vain of u. You need to change ur thoughts abt the way u feel. I have 3 kids and none of them have it, it normally skips a generation or a niece or nephew of ur husbands may inheret it as both my parents and grandparents both sides did not have this. Your husband is no different frm anyone, he is still the same person, As for ur family, i dont think it should matter if they are off god and know that no one is superior to the other. We are all human, so dont say such cruel things as ur thoughts can destroy ur marriage and home. You need prayer as ur thinking is very poor.
    Wish u a safe and happy life dear.
    Bless u


  45. Write this surah on a plate & wash it off with zam zam water will have excellent retaining memory. Am making enquiring whether when wash with zam zam water should it be drink or apply?


  46. Al Fath (48): Write this surah on a plate & wash it off with zam zam water will have excellent retaining memory. Am making enquiring whether when wash with zam zam water should it be drink or apply?


  47. assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakathahu,,,iam saleha 28 years old still unmarried becoz the big hindrance is bieng overwieght will u plz sugest me any ayah from quran to be recited to get slim get good proposal


    • asalam alaikum, dear saleha,
      Recite Surah Furqan Ayat 74,75 & 76 21 times for 3 days & pray for nikah

      -Recite verse 36 of Yasin 100 times before salat of tahajjud for 40 days “subh’aanallad’ee khalaqal azwaaja kullahaa mimmaa tumbitul arz’u wa min anfusihim wa mimmaa laa ya’lamoon, ”
      Always remain the state of Ablution.
      To invoke the almighty Allah that a grown up boy or a girl be suitably married, recite the following du-a’a after giving sadaqa to deserving mumin .remember me in ur duas.

      adiba taher


  48. Aslamoalaikum !!
    i wanna b cure from disease of over weighted..i did everything but in vain..now there is only a way of Quran-e kareem..plzz help me i will b very thnkfull to all of u…i m so fatty…help meee plzzzzzzzzz


  49. Asalam alaykom ya jamaa muslim my wife have worse some said (jinni) pleace I need help for hayat duau . I need to see jinni because wi have 1 surat in quran name jinni . Pleace wassalam.


  50. syeda muneera fatima
    asalamu alayakum
    thank for such good,very good details of surahs from quran.i find releaf from my worries and health problems.still my son suffring from health problem,inshallah he will also get cure soon,by reciting surah accodingly.
    once again thank you.


    • Bahe jan masla he koi nhe ap jis bemari se suffer kar rahean hain…….allah pak k hukam se ap thek ho gao ge…sapara # 7 ayat 9 ta 10 awal akher darood pak dermeyan mae 11 bar surah fatieh par kar apna lab affected spots per lagain……allah pak ap ko sehat dae ….amin…..bus yar yeh aik amanat hai es ko jitna ho sake agaye pohchana. . .aur hamare haq mae bhe dua karna allah hum sub ko maff kar dae..amin


  51. Asalam-o-aleykum brothers and sisters!

    May Allah bless all of those who posted and accept everyones Dua Ameen!

    I have a request inshaAllah – i have two problems right now. I am fighting my nafs and at the same time i am struggling with a very painful back injury for the past 18 months. I use to be a very active athlete/weightlifter but now i’ve lost much of my strength. May Allah forgive me for anything i have done to cause His displeasure

    Please offer my any advice inshaAllah. Sometimes i just feel down – i’ve been consistent in my dua but i err with sin, which i why i beleive my dua’s are not being accepted. InshaAllah i will continue to try – please make dua for me and give me any good advice.

    JazakAllah khairun!


  52. Asalamulikum islami brothers n sisters!
    I need to know quranic surahs or ayats to treat cancer. my grand pa who has lung cancer spots on both of his lungs which has even extended to his baldder , bones n a bit in liver too. Aint there anybody , koi Allahh ka banda to helpp me off this trouble. Doctors have given him 6 months max to survive but i dont trust in them. i believe it’s Allah who only knows abt our deaths n lifes ; none can predict death except Allah (s.w.t) . please help me . im in such a distress. i cry all day and nights. i wish i could transfer my life to my grand pa. please i knw dis world’s full of genuine pious people . please khuda ke liya koi meri help krayy!


  53. i have stone in gol bladder and i am suffering from severe constipation…..i would be thankful if u guide me to cure his problems by the verses of the holy Quran as soon as possible


    • Start with Bismillah, then Surah Fatiha 7 times and then Darood e Ibrahimi and then read ayat 74 of surah baqra starting from Wa inna minal hijarati…. do it after every namaz


  54. Aaslamalkom my name is mohammed i have one problam one hindu man he mack kala jadu now business all stop what I will do please help me


  55. Asslamalekom Shekh I am mohammed khan I have suger I want to know
    wich surah have to Recite Please tell me my god bless you


  56. hi assalamualaikum i have eye sight weakness i want to remove my glasses and to see from my own eye plz tell me any surah for it as quran has mirACLES !


  57. Salam Alaikum,
    my mother suffering from stomack cancer. We want her stay with us long life. please give me suggestion according to the Holy Quran.


  58. Having read this I believed it was extremely informative.

    I appreciate you spending some time and energy to
    put this article together. I once again find myself
    spending a lot of time both reading and leaving comments.
    But so what, it was still worthwhile!


  59. i have been suffering from fibroid over four year now and have tried several prophetic medicine even the quranic verse but still remain the same.please how can you help me.


  60. Im am afraid of doing operation for fibroid because have not bear child before and have tried several prophetic medicine and quranic verse but still remain the same please help me


  61. I loved as much as you will receive carried out right here.
    The sketch is attractive, your authored subject matter stylish.
    nonetheless, you command get got an nervousness over that you
    wish be delivering the following. unwell unquestionably come more formerly again since exactly the same nearly a lot often inside
    case you shield this increase.


  62. selam alekum i have a problem all my life i tried to help pepple but in return i got hurt all the family and frinds tha i was there fot them they let me down so bad there is times that i was in sreet whith my kids no one wanted me in house whith kids i dident have food alot of stuf but i belive to much in allah i pray 5 times i try evrithing but i fell that i need high help whith quran or special dua and i fell it in my hart how do i stop the hurt please make dua for me met ALLAH BLEEss all ishalla


  63. Dear Sir,
    Im mariyam,
    Im suffering from pigmentation which had spread all over my face.. pls let me know a Surath to recite for the cure..


  64. Assalam Alaik.
    I’m Mahmoud from Ghana(west africa)
    I would like to know, which surah, verse, or name of Allah should i read or write to get rid of an evil person in my house who likes practicing black magic against my family…
    Please i really need this urgently.


  65. salaam waleikum i am in gr8 trouble……constantly feel dizzy mi brain feels so heavy and able to hear some ringing sensation in left ear and have imbalance problem ……plzz i request u to post some dua which wll
    cure me frm dis trouble am 18yrs old……have lots of faith in quran den any other medication but dnt know vat to read exactly……


  66. salaam for eyesight patients read surah taubah ayat no129 100 times daily inshallah your eyesight will become normal and u will get rid of ur glasses inshallah…..


  67. Iam shabana…i have cyst of 5cm in my left ovary..i am not married.pleas suggest me dua for getting shifa from this disease. M very tensed about my future..


    i m rahim .i m suffering from deafness ,i did alot but non benefit me..
    i m upset .plz tell me what versus i should recite?
    GOD bless you


  69. my sister she suddenly gets senseless and she remain n that condition for hour and comes in senses back …. plz do tell me what to recite for her. i wll be so thankful to you …


  70. Assalamulaikom,i need to get rid of black moles on my neck,it is abit big,it looks very bad,i want to get rid of it without gettng in any diease after getting rid of it.
    Plz plz plz plz,its an request for those who now how to get rid of it,just send me reply.


  71. Slmz,
    I have advanced hearing loss and nerves non responsive in both ears.Doctors have tried a lot but no help.Please give me Surah or advice for healing


  72. My Mother is 75, and has been in excellent health till jan this year that she has developed severe cough and her lungs are effected ( no TB/ pneumonia/cancer/) but vasculitis is suspected. Please suggest an Ayat that upon reciting would atleast give some relief to the cough bout she has which leaves her tired and breathless.
    Thank you. I will be very obliged.


  73. Please need dua for my cat in severe ear infection. Tio much of crying noise.plz help as he is innocent and i need to help him please.any dua


  74. I am suffering from Lichen Planus Pigmentosus (Black marks on my face & neck) even doctors also dont know the etiology of this disease.
    Please help me If someone knows the cure of this disease in the light of “THE QURAN”


  75. My son (MUHAMMAD SHAH HUSSAIN) is (16 months old) he has a large head then normal. And I had done all radiological tests like X RAYS, ULTRASOUND and recently MRI of brain. Finally as per MRI report the results as following;
    1- Global lack of myelination in the supratentorial white matter.
    2- Imaging features are suggestive of a leukodystrophy likely Pelizaeus Merzbacher disease.

    And neurologist & genetic doctors are telling there is no any treatment to cure the above disease and they are suggested occupational physiotherapy only.
    My son still cannot walk alone but he can walk with support.

    Kindly tell me Quranic & Rouhani treatment for this disease.

    I will be very thankful to you for your support.



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