Unjustly imprisoned cleric

fazeli The following is a rush transcript of Press TV’s interview with Mohammad Garmabdashti, an Iranian cleric who had been imprisoned by Saudi Arabia on false accusations.
I was leaving the Prophet’s mosque when an Arab came toward me and claimed that he had seen with his own eyes that I had insulted Abu Bakr, the first Caliph by spitting on his grave. I said that I was only passing by the place and had not even cast a look at it. I denied the allegation but the witness, who was originally Syrian, swore upon Allah that I had committed such a thing.
Consequently, they took me away and interrogated me but I insisted that I had not spitted and that the witness was apparently telling lies. They however opened a file against me and took me to a police station beside the mosque. After a few hours, they transferred me to the central police station of Medina. I categorically denied the accusation but they continued to ask me numerous questions.

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