A Jihad for Love, about homosexuality in the Islamic faith.

jihad Islam respects all human needs like sex and food and directs human beings to the right way where they can properly fulfill their needs and desires.
But Islam  prohibits deprivation of the sexual behavior. This is, simply, because Islam is the natural religion commensurate to pure human innate. Islam does not, at any time, interfere with the requirements of the human’s needs or desires.


Quran on Homosexuality:Verse al-a’raf 7

Lot told his people, "Why do you commit such indecent acts that have never been committed by anyone before? (7:80).

You engage in lustful activities with people instead of women. You have become transgressing people (7:81). His people had no answer to his remarks but to tell one another, "Expel him from our town; he and his people want to purify themselves." (7:82)

In Verse al-shura’26:

Do you, in the world, want to have carnal relations with males (26:165) instead of your wives, whom your Lord has created specially for you? You are a transgressing people." (26:166)

The Quran forbids any sexual relationship other than in a marriage between a man and a woman. Many homosexual men and women claim that they are born with their sexual preferences and that they have no choice. Although this point is very much in dispute in the medical world, it has no support in the Quran. Even then, irrespective of the nature of homosexuality, this matter would not affect the laws spelled out clearly in the Quran .

Filmmaker Parvez Sharma made film A Jihad for Love, just to defend homosexual, guys as he himself is a Guy. In fact he came out as a Guy man with his second identity as a Muslim.

Jihad is in fact a most misused word .In Holy book Quran the word Jihad repeatedly used for “jihad with the self (jihad bin nafs) that is, making the maximum effort to keep control over negative feelings in one’s self,for instance, arrogance, jealousy, greed, revenge, anger, in human acts etc. carnal relations with males also falls in the same category and it is duty of all the true Muslims to do jihad with their this desire also.

Jihad also means means effort or struggling or striving.It means show efforts in fighting against evil,bad,illiteracy,terrorism and hypocrisy.

Perhaps Filmmaker Parvez Sharma is not aware that Hypocrisy is prohibited in Islam.

If you are a true Muslim  make a firm resolve that your knowledge and actions will be harmonious.”


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