Strangers in this world are !!!!

stranger Strangers in this world are of 4 types:

1. The Quran which is in the heart of the oppressors.

2. The Mosque, which is in a locality of those who do not pray namaz.

3. The Book in a house where there is none to read it.

4. A righteous person amongst an evil people.

1. Our Mosques and holy places today are the targets of bombs and explosives by the very people who claim that the teachings of the Quran are close to their hearts. And despite this, they consider such horrendous acts to be permissible. They are deaf to the pleas of orphans and women who are widowed for no fault of theirs and are amused by their cries of anguish. Indeed, the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.) spoke the truth that the Quran is poor in the heart of the oppressors.

2. A study of our cities, villages and localities will establish that there are places where a sizable population  exists but where the Mosques moan the lack of worshippers.

3. The Quran resides in houses that are devoid of any inclination to recite it. Even when there is recitation, there is little or no reflection.
4. The presence of a pious individual in the midst of impious and immoral people is another tragedy of this era.

‘A time will come upon the people of my nation when the patient will remain firm upon their principles. For them it will be as (difficult as) clutching a lighted flame in the palm of their hands.’

(Nahjul Fasaha, vol. 2, pg. 645, Ghaibate Nomani, pg. 173

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009


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